Dept. Of Ideas We Hope Catch On Here:

Since it became a pet cause for the Obamas, we have heard much over the last year or so about the wonders of gardening. But we haven’t heard quite as much about what to do if, say, you want to do some gardening but have no land or roof where you can do it. Enter a new service called, which matches people who want to garden with people who have land to do it on. It’s a pretty brand-new thing, so there’s no listings for Philly yet… but there should be tons. We like this so much. It is already making us feel good.

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  1. Allan Smithee Says:

    I was about to write a “snarky” comment about how my landlord hasn’t cut the backyard grass since spring (seriously, the weeds/grass are way overgrown) and how someone could volunteer if they wanted to but then I remembered how last week I was envisioning a produce garden back there…

    Dept. Of Ideas We Hope Catch On Here:

    ^very good idea^

  2. Ajane_and_Syd Says:

    Freaking love it!

  3. lutton Says:

    I recall a similar operation where someone (with some gardening skill I assume) would cultivate a vegetable garden in your space. In return, a portion of the bounty is used by the group for food banks and other such endeavors.

    You have the space, they do the work, you get the garden, you get some eats, they get some eats.

  4. amc4232 Says:

    I’d also like to take a moment to promote my own site,, in which people who have backyards offer gardeners the chance to grow weed there in exchange for a portion of the wondrous bounty.

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