Hey That’s Not Nice

Nice People Theatre’s new play, Love Jerry –- a musical about two brothers and the long-term effects of child abuse –- has philly.com’s panties in a bunch for using the word “pedophile” in an otherwise tame video advertisement that the theatre company wanted to display on the site. The ad’s scandalous diction can be seen here. The website for the Inquirer and Daily News, which already runs ads for strip clubs (as well as Wing Bowl slideshows year-round), refused to run the Love Jerry ad –- and it rejected suggested alternatives for the word, under the fear that readers might think that philly.com was condoning pedophilia. But playwright Megan Gogerty stresses that the whole point of the ad (and the play) is to get people talking about pedophilia, not ban the word from public discourse.

Nice People Theatre is living up to its name by offering a $2 discount off tickets to theatre-goers who mention the ad at the box office. If 50 people do it, the theatre company will donate the $800 that they would have spent on the philly.com ad to the Child Abuse Prevention Effort, a non-profit organization that fights child abuse in Philadelphia.

Tickets for Love Jerry are on sale now. The show opens on June 4, 2010, with a preview on June 3, at the Latvian Society at 7th and Spring Garden.

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  1. arcticsplasher Says:

    if i don’t ever see a word, i can pretend a whole concept doesn’t exist!!!

  2. vfiorillo Says:

    Note that yesterday’s Editor & Publisher has an account that disputes these facts to some extent.

    “Did Philly.Com ‘Ban’ A Theatre Ad? Not Really, But It Sure Generated Publicity”: http://tinyurl.com/2cq46t9

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