As Winter Turns To Spring, South Philly Foxwoods Turns To Steve Wynn’s Gamblin’ White Columns

wynnWith each passing day, goes this report on PlanPhilly, the proposed Foxwoods casino in South Philly is blossoming into an altogether new kind of Steve Wynn shitflower. For the last month or so, as you may know, the wheels have been in motion for casino impresario Wynn to take over the ill-fated Foxwoods project here, as that company continues to twist in the wind of the recession. But plans for Foxwoods to morph into a Wynn casino — complete with white columns and a big glass atrium (for which to collect seagull poop with?) — may in fact be farther along than the Wynn side of all this would like to admit right now. Last week, Las Vegas blogger Steve Friess posted a preview of Wynn’s South Philly project, complete with a snapshot of one of the renderings — only to be strongarmed into taking the rendering down right away. All close to the project, however, believe that Wynn’s South Philly project will take design cues from Wynn’s Macau Encore project, slated to open shortly. If this is true, it’s a far cry from the crappy gambling “tents” we’ve all been imagining, though at this point, it’s difficult to say whether that’s a good thing or not.

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