Readers Fwd: Penn Warns Campus Of Impending Flash Mob

From Penn’s DEPT of public safety:

March 24, 2010

Public Safety Notice From Penn Public Safety

The Division of Public Safety has been made aware through various sources that a large gathering of juveniles will be convening on the 40th Street corridor later this afternoon.

DPS is working closely with the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA Police to ensure there will be an enhanced police presence in the area.

Please plan your routes away from 40th Street this afternoon.

18 Responses to “Readers Fwd: Penn Warns Campus Of Impending Flash Mob”

  1. steveeboy Says:

    can we tweet to all fishtowners that there will be FREE ARCTIC SPLASH at 40th and Market from 3-5pm– or perhaps charter a party bus from Moe’s Tavern over there– just to see what happens????

  2. edkeer Says:

    I really think counter-mobs are the answer!

  3. shawnkilroy Says:

    fishtowners don’t know where 40th and Market is.

  4. Nebish Says:

    Good idea. Before these kids make quantum mobs that shatter space and time.

  5. HighStrungLoner Says:

    lol@ shawnkilroy

  6. djlynnabraham Says:


  7. schmoe Says:

    Man does this city have a fucking blood lust! What I just saw: 3 news vans with antennae hoisted high, the Inquirer PT Cruiser (!?), thirty or so cops and security personnel, a helicopter and one teenager riding his razor scooter the wrong way down Chestnut. Can you imagine?!

  8. John Lightstone Says:

    A traditional media flash mob?

  9. jawnish Says:

    Ya know, because when there’s a bunch of disgusting drunk overprivileged Penn undergrads puking everywhere and yelling until 4am around that very same intersection, no one gives a crap. OMG BLACK PEOPLE

  10. Rob N Says:

    Penn undergrads puking everywhere and yelling until 4am? hey, they pay good money for that privilege!

  11. chuck63 Says:

    @jawnish…you are a JOKE if you think it’s about “OMG BLACK PEOPLE”…it’s about assault and vandalism, plain and simple, everything is cool until you start punching people and destroying things.

  12. A Feculent Rainbow Says:

    @ jawnish:

    Penn students don’t hang out at 40th and Market. OMG it’s almost all black people, all the time. Shut up dur, race-baiter.

    Meow meow meow, people who go to good schools are inherently bad people, meow meow meow. Blacks are teh awesome! Unless they’re blacks that go to good schools; in which case, meow meow meow!

  13. jawnish Says:

    Sarcasm, folks. Sarcasm. If you’ve paid attention to the media/online discourse, there’s no shortage of people simply focusing on the fact that these are scary black kids from the ghetto rather than encourage rational conversation towards solutions.

    I’m a race-baiter? Really? Jesus Christ.

  14. A Feculent Rainbow Says:

    I would say that it was more Sardonicism than sarcasm.

    And yes, you are race baiting if you are claiming that the media or most discourse here at Philebs is focusing on “scary black kids from the ghetto” as opposed to 1000+ people disrupting south street (with some hospitalizations and property damage and scared business owners closing their doors and “protecting” costumers) or 150+ kids rioting in a Macys (with some head-kicking, random attacks on strangers and property damage) and the dangers of disorganized/whimsical, massive youth gatherings in general. I will cede that the normal race-troll discourse is in full “OMG BLACK PEOPLE” effect, but they always are over the stupidest little shit. I think many at in the Media and at Philebs would be equally disconcerted if it were all white kids. I may be wrong. Still, I don’t think that your post was very constructive at all – certainly not here at Philebs.

  15. jawnish Says:

    A Feculent Rainbow – I’m sorry my Philebrity comment posting skills are not perfect. Maybe my first post wasn’t “productive”, but I don’t really see any trouble with mocking some of the troubling discourse that’s come out of this RE: race and class. I’d be just as troubled if it were a bunch of white teenagers being pegged as “white trash”. With so many complaints over the city-youths-gone-mad, can anyone begin talking about how we solve the problem? Can we do something about the system that is so obviously failing this generation?

    If anything good comes out of this, I hope it’s more collaboration between businesses and neighbors in our communities, and a renewed sense of commitment in making Philly a world class city first and foremost for its residents.

  16. A Feculent Rainbow Says:

    … and I’m sorry for being a thread-Nazi.

    You raise some very good points. However, I think that Artic Splasher has the best take on this: basically stating that, like all teen-based fads, these mobs should grow old in 2 months or less. I’m hoping so. Obviously, as wealth disparity grows (seemingly exponentially) there will be a lot of anger and violence throughout the nation – not just Philly. I wish there was an easy answer.

  17. jawnish Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Let’s toast to some Arctic Splash and Popov, hmm?

  18. westphilly Says:

    Nothing at all happened at 40th and Market that night. Total red herring

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