Oh, Little Freddie Daniels, If Your Parents Don’t Read Your Twitter Account And Alert The Authorities, I Guess We’ll Have To

Real talk, though: We spent a lot of time yesterday using the search engine on Twitter to find evidence of local teens imploring others to come to South Street to fuck shit up, and basically, we found next to nothing. Which brings up a huge point to be made about this whole Flash Mob Thing: Contrary to what the cops and the media are saying, it’s not really happening via Twitter. It’s happening via text messaging. In fact, we found way more local teens on Twitter declaring the Flash Mobs to be totally lame than those giving it props or daps or whatever it is you young people grunt when you want to articulate approval. So, sorry, Frank DiCicco and Jim Kenney — suing the Internet for this bullshit is going to be more difficult than you think. That said, Saturday night on 40th Street is gonna be OFF THE HEEZY!

  • http://markskull.blogspot.com/ Larry

    Notice how much he also enjoys giving out his phone number as well…

  • http://ripitup.org jim

    i dont think a kid with 20 followers is doing much of anything except spelling tattoo wrong…

  • Rob N

    It ain’t twitter. It’s ourspace. Chump don’t want the help, chump don’t get the help.

  • lightonfire

    this just gives credence to my theory that the internet has ruined our lives/social/language skills.

  • cb

    Oops, I just made this same point on a much more recent post. But you’re right – Twitter just ain’t big with teens. 40 year old men, maybe…