And Now, Your Hand-Drawn Neighborhood Map: ERASERHOOD!

Click to enlarge.

We conclude our map blowout today with this one by Phileb commenter bhiladelphia, who sent his map in with the query, “Does this even count as a neighborhood?” Our answer is a resounding YES. We’ve discussed the Eraserhood before — it’s the bizarre no-man’s land east of Broad and south of Spring Garden made famous in the David Lynch film Eraserhead and celebrated in this short film by Shawn Kilroy. It may not have a lot, but it’s got soul — and also the Prohibition Taproom (identified here as Pro Tap), a bar we love. Cheer up, Eraserhood, there’s a map of you now! And it wasn’t drawn by brain-hungry zombies!

Anybody else want to join in the fun? Send us your hand-drawn neighborhood maps to tips[at]philebrity[dot]com and we will totally run them. And check out more neighborhood maps here on Philebrity.