And Now, Your Hand-Drawn Neighborhood Map: ERASERHOOD!

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We conclude our map blowout today with this one by Phileb commenter bhiladelphia, who sent his map in with the query, “Does this even count as a neighborhood?” Our answer is a resounding YES. We’ve discussed the Eraserhood before — it’s the bizarre no-man’s land east of Broad and south of Spring Garden made famous in the David Lynch film Eraserhead and celebrated in this short film by Shawn Kilroy. It may not have a lot, but it’s got soul — and also the Prohibition Taproom (identified here as Pro Tap), a bar we love. Cheer up, Eraserhood, there’s a map of you now! And it wasn’t drawn by brain-hungry zombies!

Anybody else want to join in the fun? Send us your hand-drawn neighborhood maps to tips[at]philebrity[dot]com and we will totally run them. And check out more neighborhood maps here on Philebrity.

6 Responses to “And Now, Your Hand-Drawn Neighborhood Map: ERASERHOOD!”

  1. inhaler97 Says:

    Whats the pink in the center?

  2. lord_whimsy Says:

    Me. I’m very ruddy.

  3. bhiladelphia Says:,+Pennsylvania+19123&gl=us&ei=i12iS-SKMoOdlgeioJDoCA&ved=0CBAQ8gEwAA&safe=active&ll=39.959096,-75.158072&spn=0,359.984035&z=16&layer=c&cbll=39.959105,-75.158179&panoid=rwxeTN7UPyl0XxI4afu5TA&cbp=12,6.64,,0,5.75

  4. serlingrod Says:

    David Lynch lived here in the late 60’s. He calls Eraserhead his Philadelphia Story –

    “There was a sense of dread pretty much everywhere I went. I didn’t live in any good parts of Philadelphia, and so dread was my general feeling. I hated it. And, also, I loved it.”

    Thanks for making this awesome map, bhiladelphia! you hit the nail on the head. You could have also included the structure formally known as The Trestle Inn (R.I.P.)…

  5. daytimedrinker Says:

    When my friend Chuck Nice from VH1’s Best week ever visited me here, we called it NoBro ( North Broad ). but he said it could stand for (NoBrothers) as in soon, no brothers are going to be able to afford to live there

  6. emmkay Says:

    love the inclusion of the random public art (kept behind a chain link fence, naturally).

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