Philebrity’s Thursday MP3 Dizzle: The 10 Best, Newest Local Tracks You Sent Us


Wow. In about 24 hours, we received submissions from over 50 local acts, all of whom wanted to share their tunes with you, the good music lovers of Philadelphia (and beyond). Some were from acts we knew, and lots were from people we’d never heard of at all before. And if this shock-sampling was anything to go by, we just learned a couple of things, which we’ll now wrap all into one: The DIY spirit is alive and well in the Philly scene, especially when it comes to lo-fi lookers, garage rock monkeys, and hi-tech/lo-tech secret popstars. It wasn’t easy, but here’s the ten best mp3s we received this week. Check these acts out, adopt them as your own, share their tunes and, most importantly, go see them sometime and buy their stuff when it comes out.

CSLSX, “Futuretapes”

Of all the tracks we sampled, this one by CSLSX — an act we know literally nothing about — exuded pure joy from the moment we hit “Play.” And that was before the amazing female vocal payoff in the last minute. CSLSX, we have no idea who you are (and to be frank are wary of your vowel-less moniker but nevertheless think it’s being delivered with a wink), but please send us everything you have ever recorded.

Right-click here to download.

It’s a King Thing, “Old Hobbies”

We’ve written about It’s A King Thing once before, and this track, “Old Hobbies,” is off their new album that you can download for free, in its entirety, here. (ZIP file.) Fans of the Spinto Band, as well as the first few Built To Spill albums will dig this a lot. As well as people (like us) who really miss how Gilmore Girls used to sneak tracks like this into the show. This is the sleeper indie pop gem of the bunch right here.

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[Photo credit: Nick Kessler]

Party Photographers, “Piano Vache”

Party Photographers is another band we’ve written up recently: Fans of The Jesus & Mary Chain — as well as the current wave of shitgaze bands like Wavves, Vivian Girls, Best Coast and so on — will eat this right up. Present company included. We’d rather not tell you how many times we’ve jammed this in the office today.

Right-click here to download.

RCMP, “The Bird AKA Ignition”

DJ Apt One of Philadelphyinz and Relative Q make up this synth-y duo, and they are not shy about letting you know that they are proud owners of the Miami Vice soundtrack (and big fans of the opening credits, too). “The Bird AKA Ignition” harks back to a time when “Egyptian Lover” blasted out of every car in our neighborhood and dudes wore sweatpants with one leg rolled up. We call that time “last night.”

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[Photo: John Cartwright]

Neighborhood Choir, “When My Heart Does Beat No More”

We don’t know a lot about Neighborhood Choir, except that it’s another one of the 48 bands Bennet Daniels (Fishtown Jazz Odyssey, Toy Soldiers, and on and on) is in. “When My Heart Does Beat No More” is a trippy mesh of The Avalanches and St. Etienne and some other things. This vibe right here? We love this vibe. More please.

Right-click here to download.

Scott Churchman, “This Is The Night”

Of all the random kinda psychedelic/kinda scary oddballs that sent us tunes — and yes, there were a few — we dug Scott Churchman the most. Click here to listen to “This Is The Night”, a menacing-but-propulsive little ditty that calls to mind a whole long arc of alienated garage/bedroom auteurs, from The Cramps and The Scientists on up to One Foot In The Grave-era Beck.

The World At Large, “Wrong Wrong Wrong”

The World At Large? Never heard of ’em! But man, can these monkeys do the Dr. Dog. “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong” is an “Oh! Darling”-esque splash that is right, right, right. Breakup mixtape, meet The World At Large. The World At Large, meet everybody. Do you guys like beer?

Right-click here to download.

My Mind, “Air Tomb”

When we put out the call for Philly’s Best New MP3s Of This Moment Right Now, we were secretly hoping we’d uncover a whole new microscene of lo-fi weirdos just waiting to see the light of day. And, well, score: In lieu of some moniker that they’ll have to choose for themselves, is like discovering some kind of secret indie culture that could be 20 years in the past or 20 years in the future. Comprised of bands with names like Chocolate Chips and L’Internete, the Whose Mind scene might best be articulated by this track by My Mind, a short, intense blast of pop of aggravated pogo. (Not for nothing, “Aggravated Pogo” has a nice ring to it. But you know, whatever you wanna do is cool. Obviously.)

Right-click here to download.

Washed Out, “Feel It All Around (Lushlife Version)”

We know we keep saying this, but this Lushlife cat is a goddamned genius. Please start paying attention. Here is an amazing remix/rap-install he just dashed off for the nugaze band Washed Out. Dude is like an Asian hybrid of Notorious B.I.G. and Kevin Shields. Holy shit.

Right-click here to download.

Remote Islands, “There’s A Cost Associated”

We end our first-ever Thursday MP3 Dizzle (Jesus, we have to come up with a better name for this) with this track from Remote Islands, a band who’ve been on the scene for a few years now. In what could be a companion piece to that earlier track by The World At Large, the Islands get all doo-woppy/Harry Nilsson on us — and it’s cool. Very cool, in fact. And check out the video for it here. It dizzles a body good. LATERZ!

Right-click here to download.

9 Responses to “Philebrity’s Thursday MP3 Dizzle: The 10 Best, Newest Local Tracks You Sent Us”

  1. julie Says:

    How do you download these mp3s when you have a macbook where there is no “right click” function???? I want to hear the Philly bands desperately – moved away from Philly over the summer and a dose of Philly bands would be just the right cure for homesicknesses.

  2. tips Says:


  3. grontain Says:

    I’ve been reading Father Philebs ever since I moved here in 2006. And this is best feature you guys’ve ever aired. Actually, probably the best entire day of material you guys’ve had, because of these hand-drawn neighborhood jawns. Nice.

  4. tsarstruck Says:

    Love this. Regular feature, please.

  5. steadyrain Says:

    Somebody just got their first MacBook lappy.

  6. LB Says:

    Congrats to Colin, et al, Remote Islands, for this sweet sweet pub…

  7. John V. Says:

    I’m gonna third what tsarstruck and grontain said. Do this again. Often. Brilliant.

  8. dommm Says:

    Hi Phileb, this was a great new feature! Good jams all around, and yes, we love beers!

    – dom/world at large

  9. Heather Says:

    This is weird. Did The Deli Magazine teach you that their is more to like than more to hate in the Philly music scene?

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