Steve Wynn: Kind Of A Dick

Here’s freshly installed Foxwoods overlord Steve Wynn browbeating Inky reporter Jennifer Lin, acting like facts are not facts, and generally just being a giant dick. The result? Shortest honeymoon ever. Last week, we thought this guy was kind of cute in an almost Harry Jay Katz-y kind of way. This reveals something much more sinister: An orange menace!

[Video via Roxbury News]

3 Responses to “Steve Wynn: Kind Of A Dick”

  1. mentiras Says:

    Steve Wynn, you don’t like HER tone? really? have you heard yourself speak lately?

    I’m not looking forward to another round of fighting this bullshit.

  2. chuck63 Says:

    I know there is a boycott of all things Inky in this space…but really, you should read Buzz Bissinger’s take on the Foxwood’s situation in yesterday’s paper.

  3. philthydan Says:

    He’s right. She needs to stop comparing Ron Ruben’s deal to what he may or may not be trying to do.

    He definitely gets worked up too much towards the end, but she’s asking him questions that should be directed to the city government and not to him.

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