Well, You Won’t Have Howdy Doody Skeletor Moneybags To Kick Around Anymore: Tom Knox Drops Out Of PA Guv’s Race

knoxLast seen running a campaign revolving around the premise that here is a wildly rich man who nevertheless agrees with you that your PECO bill is just too damned high, Tom Knox will be dropping out of the race for PA governor. Many will recall that Knox famously once ran for mayor in Philadelphia in an alternately hilarious and sad campaign that saw everyone who could taking this fool’s money in exchange for the simple assurance that, “No, man, you totally have a chance. People here get you.” Insiders say that Knox could be using his exit as a bargaining chip for a spot PA’s great testament to the human spirit, the Liquor Control Board.

  • http://www.PhillyChitChat.com PhillyChitChat

    No doubt will drop his FB page and return to his anti-social self. Or is he shy?

  • shawnkilroy

    he’s a fuckin asshole.
    and his mouth smells like old people.