What Is Tigre Hill’s Late-Breaking Mumia Secret?

tigreBack in September, as soon as Philly-based documentary director Tigre Hill (pictured) dropped the trailer for his long-in-coming Mumia Abu-Jamal doc, The Barrel Of A Gun, he found himself in hot water. But, for a filmmaker, it’s been the best kind: The controversy between Hill’s forthcoming film and Mumia supporters — spurred on by the notion that Hill’s film, still unseen but for the trailer, portrays Abu-Jamal as guilty, coldly carrying out the Black Panthers‘ “offing the pigs” rhetoric — has stoked interest in the film. So much so that this morning, Hill announced that he’s pushing the release of The Barrel Of A Gun until February, pending some “rare new insight” that will need to be incorporated into the film; meanwhile, an updated trailer will be released on December 9th, the 28th anniversary of Daniel Faulkner‘s death. What could that rare new insight be? Barring some new, previously unheard testimony — which is certainly possible — it could also be that Hill is incorporating material about Abu-Jamal’s latest execution threat, as the pro-Mumia-die-now people may have found a sympathetic ear in the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile, says Hill, look for a February premiere/release date soon.

After the jump, in case you missed it the first time, the trailer for The Barrel Of A Gun.

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  1. djlynnabraham Says:

    it’s crazy hearing this line, from the trailer: “…In the heart of Center City’s combat zone, near 12th and Locust…”

    the city has experienced some serious rezoning.

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