Slideshow: Tweed Ride Philadelphia, 11/07/09


After the jump, photographer Jenelle Rittenhouse‘s from Saturday’s Tweed Ride Philadelphia, which took place on Saturday. Says Jenelle: “It really was quite the fashionable jaunt.” We wonder what the overlap between this and the Snuggie Crawl was.

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[Photos courtesy: Jenelle Rittenhouse]

18 Responses to “Slideshow: Tweed Ride Philadelphia, 11/07/09”

  1. schmoe Says:

    I guess helmets were too much of an anachronism?

  2. boggle Says:

    Oh hey there, totally obvious first comment. How are things?

  3. lord_whimsy Says:

    Nice folks.

  4. schmoe Says:

    um, hi? what’s with the vitriol?

  5. boggle Says:

    You shall not ruin beauty with pragmatism

  6. schmoe Says:


  7. Katie L. Thompson Says:

    Um, this is kind of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

  8. sleeptalk Says:

    This is great.

  9. lord_whimsy Says:

    An aside: the Institute’s pumpkin mac-n-cheese is quite tasty.

  10. lord_whimsy Says:

  11. emmkay Says:

    I think it might have been “No Helmets Day” in Philly this weekend too. I saw many bikers yesterday and not one helmet.

  12. Adam Feldman Says:

    While helmets do provide individual protection for individual noggins against impact, increased numbers of people riding bikes provides “community-wide” protection from automobiles. Everywhere that has imposed helmet laws has seen a decreases in riders which in turn decreases road safety for the remaining riders. Additionally the health benefits from riding may outweigh the risks from head injury without a helmet in that freakonomical way.

    Some people even try to claim that helmets don’t provide any protection, which I seriously doubt. But some psychologists have shown that there may be evidence that motorists pass helmeted riders closer than riders who let their hair blow in the breeze, which rings sadly true to me.

    Ultimately, I wear a helmet because I’ve been in a collision with one, and my head didn’t hurt at all (but damn the rest of my body did). But I’ve resolved to never ever pressure anyone else to wear a helmet. I’d rather see you on the streets having fun, looking good.

    Peace in the helmet wars everyone!

  13. arcticsplasher Says:

    no SEPTA farts = best cycling day ever.

  14. expat attack Says:

    @Adam Feldman

    Your entire argument is predicated on the idea that the only type of accident one might have on a bike involves a car. There are an infinite number of possible ways to have an accident (other bicyclists, pedestrians, pot holes, wet roads, bad bike maintenance, etc.) while riding a bike.

  15. Adam Feldman Says:

    Thank you for the assistance refining the argument. I have little doubt that a helmet would protect a cyclist’s head in all the above scenarios. In fact helmets would provide useful protection throughout the day for all the risks we face as we move about the world. I’m sure we’ve all tripped or slipped. We’ve certainly all at least been passengers in motor vehicles. Seat belts and airbags have probably saved thousands. Given the use of helmets among race car drivers, it seems safe to assume a consumer helmet could add an extra cushion of survivability for the casual motorist. Then there’s the pit, falling objects from our crumbling infrastructure, derailing trains, ball games, etc…

    I don’t mean to sound flip. I really do wear a helmet (while biking), because it seems reasonable and even “normal” in our current bike culture. But it’s very important that we don’t oversell helmets to our fellow Philadelphians. When there’s too much pressure (or even just the sense that you shouldn’t ride without one) people will choose not to ride. It might not be at the heart of the decision, but I suspect it’s part of it. That makes the streets worse for all of us. Ultimately, we should abolish “bike culture” or at least reclaim it from the action-packed extreme-sport health-nut environmental-martyrdom it currently suffers. The bicycle should be as important to our identity as our shoes or maybe even our refrigerators. The spectrum from Tweed Ride to Biking the Strike seems healthier to me than what the urban cyclist has faced since we got displaced from the roads we got paved in the first place.

  16. Tvox Says:

    Didn’t the Edgar Winter Group do a tune called “Twee Ride”?

  17. LB Says:

    You’re thinking of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  18. bmurray Says:

    Nah, Foghat.

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