This Weekend: The East Coast Existential Pop Band

>>> If your last memory of The Swimmers (check out our re-run of their awesome new video above) is that of an earnest alt-country band with an affection for Beach Boys bounce, you may wanna check in again. People Are Soft is the band’s latest record, which they celebrate tonight at an early (8PM) show at Kung Fu Necktie with The Capitol Years, and it shows off the band’s current vibe: Existential Pop Band. People Are Soft is the kind of record that sounds great on big headphones; it’s world-weary, but not in the old alt-country, too-much-whiskey way. Instead, it’s weary of the actual hyper-overstimulated world that we all actually lives in — this is reflected in the music, which grabs rhythms and movement from everywhere. Along the way, The Swimmers reference Spoon, The Flaming Lips, The Jesus & Mary Chain and any working compressor and pedal they can get their hands on. It’s the sound of running on the steam of everything else that is moving around you, and hoping that will somehow be enough, which is about as honest a sentiment as you’re going to get from anyone these days.
>>> Remember yesterday when we were talking about how, now that baseball season has finally come to a close, you can get back to all the egghead shit you’ve been missing out on when you were stress-drinking and making Black Taco photoshops? This is that stuff: We previewed it the other day, but here’s another friendly reminder: First Person Arts runs through this weekend. Also, check out Ars Nova Workshop Presents: Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra performs Don Cherry’s “Relativity Suite” at Johnny Brenda’s. We recently caught one of the Ars Nova/JB’s shows and what wonder we did behold: After a few years ago of seeing tons of guitar bands at JB’s, it turns out that this is also a fantastic venue to witness live jazz. Take someone you want to impress, or someone you stopped caring about impressing a long time ago. Either will be… impressed.
>>> And let us not forget First Friday: In addition to all of this stuff, there’s Art In The Age One Year Anniversary Party and First Friday opening, another chance to see Jason Hackenwerth’s The Titan & The Fireflies here at 2424 Studios.
>>> Dance parties, we got ’em: Philadelphyinz Presents: Hot Mess w/ DJ Apt One and Cosmo Baker is bound to be bouncy at Silk City and It’s 4AM returns with Sammy Slice, this time at Club Samba, that strange-looking heart of darkness at 7th & Girard that you’ve been wondering about for years. Early word on this party is that it’s gonna be a straight-up Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.
>>> Elswhere: Spooky stylists throw the wildest parties, so check out Razor and Blade Presents… Recessionista! at Lucy’s Top Hat; Cock-rock throwbacks Wolfmother play the Electric Factory; and good ol’ TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb at North Star Bar.

>>> Saturday’s a little less insane, good bookings-wise, so take advantage and enjoy some of the more civilized things in life. The Kronos Quartet, for instance, get reallllllllll heady and interpret the work of Steve Reich and Sigur Ros at the Kimmel Center; Amy Millan, Bahamas, and Buried Beds play so so softly at Johnny Brenda’s; Dark Star Orchestra, if you wanna bring it WAY WAY down, is at Electric Factory; and, lest you forget, the Tweed Ride is also going on.

>>> Presented without further comment, except to say, “SEE YOU IN HELL”: The Motherfucking Snuggie Crawl.
>>> Elsewhere: Peter Bjorn & John and El Perro del Mar at TLA; a nice local roundup with The Extraordinaires, Dangerous Ponies, Kill You in the Face and Lux Perpetua at Kung Fu Necktie; and, if you’re still frisky (admirable), there’s Night Train at PYT. Thank you, Philadelphia, and good morrow.

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  1. Grapesoda Says:

    When I listen to the swimmers I thank fucking god the day I put down the notion of playing any kind of music for a living and, didn’t continue to waste my life being a broke ass musician going nowhere.

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