PSA: Bike The Strike!



Commuters Can Bike During a SEPTA Strike

PHILADELPHIA – November 3, 2009The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia urges SEPTA travelers to bike instead of driving. Commuters who bike will win out over those stuck in traffic jams of epic proportions.”Avoid the crush and bike the strike,” says Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. “Bike the Strike to save time, money and help shrink your waistline. Plus, I guarantee you will have more fun than anyone trying to drive during the strike.”

In cooperation with Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, the Bicycle Coalition has established a Bike the Strike station at City Hall (Dillworth Plaza). The station has bike parking corrals, free coffee, bike maps and Bicycle Ambassadors on hand to give tips on bike commuting and personalized route planning.

Keeping safe while bicycling is critical. “Bicycles are considered vehicles, so we also urge all bicyclists to obey the rules of the road,” said Education Director Breen Goodwin. “It’s important for all bicyclists to be civil, courteous and comply with traffic laws, such as walking their bikes on sidewalks and stopping at all signals, to ensure the everyone’s safety.”

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Fastest Option
For those who commute four miles or less, bicycling instead of driving will get you to your destination faster and will take no longer than using a bus or trolley.
A Center City District study found that bicycling by following the rules of the road is always faster than walking, driving or taking the bus across Center City during rush hour.

Healthiest Option

Commuting by bicycle for 15 minutes each way (about 2-3 miles) meets the Center for Disease Control’s minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day
Regular physical activity may help reduce your risk for many diseases including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast cancers, and osteoporosis. It also helps to control weight; contributes to healthy bones, muscles, and joints; and reduces falls among older adults.

Safety First

Bicyclists are not pedestrians with two wheels. Bikes are vehicles and must comply with traffic laws just as motor vehicles do.
Bicycles should stop at all red lights and walk their bikes on sidewalks.
Stop by your local bike shop during the strike for a free bicycle safety check
For more commuting tips, go to and click on Handouts and videos


55,000 commuters bike to work once a month.
On a typical day in Philadelphia, 11,000 bike-to-work trips are taken.
1.6 % of commuters ride their bike to work; Philadelphia has the highest percentage of bike-to-work commuters of the country’s largest 10 cities

12 Responses to “PSA: Bike The Strike!”

  1. Larry Says:

    Right now, I’m skateboarding as much as possible to get where I have to.

    Skateboard the strike. ;)

  2. Tvox Says:

    Wear a freaking helmet. Yeah yeah, “it messes up my hair,” “I look cooler without one”. Tell that to the biker without a helmet taken away in an ambulance this morning on Market Street. Geez, people.

  3. schmoe Says:

    yup. but that’s a whole notha thread.

  4. Blatz Says:



  5. radioactivecat Says:

    Be careful, the air was extra thick with stupid this morning during my commute. I saw two accidents, and almost got smushed in the bike line several times…

  6. schmoe Says:

    NSFW, dude! but nice all the same.
    regarding safety: helmets are a must, but please don’t overlook LIGHTS! Daylight Checking has begun and rush hour is DARK! I nearly ran into a couple other bikers last night.

  7. hallpass Says:

    Turn the El into a bikeway.

  8. J T. Ramsay Says:

    Yeah, I very nearly got dinged on Spring Garden this morning. There’s something very satisfying to shouting at drivers before work.

  9. jessem Says:

    Yeah I was getting honked at this morning which is unusual on my route so I just made sure to take up the whole lane. Better to be safe than courteous I guess.

  10. Tvox Says:

    Scuttlebutt from a local transit listserv:

    “From a reliable source. The strike is not over economic issues, they were going to give them 11-1/2% over 5 years,0, 2 1/2, 3 ,3 & 3 and a $1250.00 signing bonus. The pension was raised a meager amount, but acceptable.

    The main issue was that seniority and picking rights of the maintenance employees could not be guaranteed, so an employee would have to work anywhere. SEPTA kept saying “We will be fair with this and do the right thing”. This language is not binding and vague for the workers so they went on strike.”

  11. barryg Says:


    Rendell claims that the picking rights things (I don’t even know what that is) only affects 80 employees. Can you confirm? What listserv is this?

  12. Tvox Says:

    PhillyTraction@yahoogroups. It’s got a lot of current and retired trolley drivers on it.

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