Blame It On The Brain Drain: We’ll Miss You, Philly Skyline

billypenn26For the last five years or so, PhillySkyline has consistently been, along with Inga Saffron‘s Changing Skyline, one of the most interesting websites about Philadelphia architecture and development… well, ever. Headed up by photographer Bradley Maule (pictured atop Billy Penn at right) and author Nathaniel Popkin, Phillyskyline geeked out where few dared to go (or could figure out how to get to): On top of any tall building it could access. There were lots of other features, sure, but it was Maule’s photographs that will continue to stand as some of the best architectural photography of this city currently being done. Well, you know what’s coming next: Like everyone else you know, Maule is moving Portland, OR in a few days, and with Popkin working on other projects, Phillyskyline is pretty much done. We blame the brain drain, Philly’s nasty and ongoing problem with retaining creatives through a distinct lack of employ. And with the recession, we’ve been hearing way more stories of this nature than we’d ever like to. That said, we wish Bradley well; he’s a great talent and he’s done this city a fantastic service over the last five years. But if we hear of any more of you moving to Portland — we’re still upset about losing Bader, if you must know — we’re gonna scream and then storm into Mayor Nutter’s office and threaten to take our votes back. Wasn’t this brain drain thing something they were supposed to be working on?

11 Responses to “Blame It On The Brain Drain: We’ll Miss You, Philly Skyline”

  1. andy Says:

    Oh man. Best wishes for Bradley, but bummer for us.

  2. annie Says:

    This is shite.

  3. annie Says:

    I knew his cross country trip was a bad idea!

  4. expat attack Says:

    effed up yo

  5. georgemichael Says:

    unreal. horrible news. phillyskyline has been burning my retinas for years.

  6. Patricio Says:

    Not B-Love, boo. If Philly has a brain drain I’d hate to know what my hometown is under going seeing as how they all move here.

  7. John Mahlman Says:

    B-Love will be missed. Wishing him best of luck.

  8. beelove Says:

    thanks, philebs. black taco.

  9. hallpass Says:

    Beelove, keep us posted on where we can see your work. It’s inspired me as a photographer over the last couple of years.

  10. jim Says:

    gonna miss him. stand up dude and an awesome neighbor.

  11. cb Says:

    Dang it! Brad Maule, I’ll miss you, your patriotic weddings, beard, chile cookoffs and amazing neighborhood knowledge!

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