War Desk: Which Side Are You On In The Kung Fu Necktie/Barbary Battle Royale?


Apparently, this is a real thing: According to our sources, a growing uneasiness exists between DJ night venues The Barbary and Kung Fu Necktie, due in large part to competition over certain DJs and ongoing DJ nights. For instance, the Broadzilla night, which for a while had called the Barbary its home, is now at KFN; the most recent flyer for the night (pictured) lampoons this by copping the design of the (iconic for some) Barbary monthly calendar. Wait: This is really a real thing? In related news, Philebrity staff have now challenged each other to find a more stupid post to make today. Developing.

  • ride1076

    No contest – KFN. The Barbary is unbearably stinky.

  • A Feculent Rainbow

    “Philebrity staff have now challenged each other to find a more stupid post to make today.”

    Between this and the weather post, you guys are certainly raising the bar.

    How come you never cover the BRT controversy? It’s one of the most pressing issues in Philly right now, if you ask me. [yeah, you clearly didn’t]

    Also, you may want to inform your readers that the 8% sales tax went into effect today.

  • steveeboy

    look man–for the 1000 time,

    it is NOT “Kung Fu Necktie”

    it IS “Fishtown Pearl Necklace”

    or “the Necklace” for short.

    The Barbary may have a bit of an odor, but at least they don’t serve “pints” of beer in optical illusion glasses that only contain 12 ounces!

  • reklaw

    its Nunchuck Pussy Bar. and they don’t sell pints of beer. they sell glasses of beer