Dept. Of Ooh-And-Ahh-Worthy Lists: The 18 ½ Philadelphia Film Festival’s Complete List Of Films

185filmfestFollowing last year’s very public split between TLA Video and the Philadelphia Film Society, you’d be forgiven, perhaps, if you expected the Philadelphia Film Festival to shrivel or be something less than it once was. But kudos to the Film Society — in just a manner of months, they’ve rebooted the PFF (TLA’s Cinefest will be back next year on its own steam) and have even come up with a stopgap half-festival charmingly dubbed 18 ½ Philadelphia Film Festival. Which, frankly, just may pack as much power with a shorter-but-punchier list of international fare, all screened in just five days, from October 15-19. Here is the just-announced roster:

Ajami (Scandar Copti & Yaron Shani, Germany/Israel)
Antichrist (Lars von Trier, Denmark)
Bronson (Nicolas Winding Refn, UK)
Dare (Adam Salky, USA)
Dear Lemon Lima (Suzi Yoonessi, USA)
District 13: Ultimatum (Patrick Alessandrin, France)
The Eclipse (Conor McPherson, Ireland)
A Film With Me In It (Ian Fitzgibbon, Ireland)
Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold, UK)
Good Hair (Jeff Stilson, USA)
Law Abiding Citizen (F. Gary Gray, USA)
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (Jodie Markell, USA)
Louise-Michel (Gustave de Kervern & Benoît Delépine, France)
Mammoth (Lukas Moodysson, Sweden)
The Men Who Stare at Goats (Grant Heslov, USA)
The Messenger (Oren Moverman, USA)
Oh My God (Peter Rodger, USA)
The Overbrook Brothers (John Bryant, USA)
P-Star Rising (Gabriel Noble, USA)
Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire (Lee Daniels, USA)
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Rebecca Miller, USA)
Red Cliff (John Woo, China)
The Red Riding Trilogy: Red Riding 1974 (Julian Jarrold, UK), Red Riding 1980
(James Marsh, UK) and Red Riding 1983 (Anand Tucker, UK)
Rembrandt’s J’accuse (Peter Greenaway, Netherlands/Germany/Finland)
Ricky (François Ozon, France)
Serious Moonlight (Cheryl Hines, USA)
Shadow Billionaire (Alexis Spraic, USA)
Shameless (Jan Hrebejk, Czech Republic)
The Silence Before Bach (Pere Portabella, Spain)
Stingray Sam (Cory McAbee, USA)
Tenure (Mike Million, USA)
A Town Called Panic (Stéphane Aubier & Vincernt Patar, Belgium)
We Live in Public (Ondi Timoner, USA)
Wonderful World (Joshua Goldin, USA)
The Young Victoria (Jean-Marc Vallée, UK)

Impressive! Most screenings will be at Ritz At The Bourse, with the opening night world festival premiere of Overture Films’ Law Abiding Citizen, and theregional premiere of Lionsgate Films’ Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire, a film by Philadelphia director Lee Daniels, as the closing night film, both at the Prince Music Theater. Screening times and more are forthcoming, and Philebrity will definitely have them for you as they’re made available.

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