Ladies And Gentlemen, We Give You Philebrity Label

Please check out Philebrity Label to find out about our first signing and cop some free tunes.
UPDATE: We’ll have more on today’s momentous occasion tomorrow (including video), but if you’re curious, Goodness Gracious, the new album by Blood Feathers on Philebrity Label will be played IN ITS ENTIRETY tonight at 10:30PM at 700, at Second & Fairmount Sts. Rock on!

9 Responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen, We Give You Philebrity Label”

  1. groundlifter Says:

    totally into checking this out but the link is fail.

  2. ride1076 Says:

    It’s working fine for me. Groundlifter, it should be taking you to

  3. Conrad Says:

    Congrats, Joey!

  4. annie Says:

    Best thing I’ve seen since the White Stripes played a free lunch time show at Union Square almost a decade ago.

  5. Christopher Wink Says:

    Cool idea. I hope we can hear more about what this is about, but I definitely dig the concept.

  6. lutton Says:

    nice; I see it led to you taking the rest of the day off…

  7. mordesquitos Says:

    I’m all for people trying to start new labels and all, but isn’t this a little monopolistic? Kind of like Clear Channel owning the venue and the means of promoting the shows.

  8. John Lightstone Says:

    mordesquitos: vertical integration is only illegal if the company has power in one market which it uses to take advantage of other, competitive markets. I.e., Microsoft using its dominance of the operating system market to force people to use Internet Explorer.

  9. Nate Says:

    Either you’re being ironic, or just… wow.

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