Let No Tourism Stone Be Unturned: The Always Sunny Itinerary

mcpoylesThe bold folks at GPTMC — that’d be the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, whose job it is to attract people to this fair city, often against all odds or good reason — have come up with a visitor’s itinerary geared directly toward irreverent drunks nationwide who know Philly primarily through what is now its possibly most visible cultural export: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it.) To that end, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Itinerary lets folks get to know the city that Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Sweet Dee know: The Laff House, Italian Market, Dirty Frank’s, Twelve Steps Down, and so on. Oddly, there are no tours of the McPoyle house (McPoyles, pictured at right), but are some of the venues and attractions on this list colossal monuments to failure, inbreeding and binge drinking nonetheless? Well, yes, but here’s what GPTMC gets that maybe other people in the tourism biz don’t: That’s what some people want. Plus, it’s arguably better that people who visit get to know “The Real Philly” a little better. I mean, something has gotta stop all these New Yorkers from moving here.

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  1. ride1076 Says:

    Is that Sarah Vowell in the middle?

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