Craigslist Missed Connections Posting Reveals That Even During The Week Before Labor Day, There Is Still Potential For Spirited Debate And Maybe, Just Maybe, Love


Let us take this moment to also wish our student readers good luck on school as it reconvenes over the next few weeks.

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  • ride1076

    It was PHLIGIRL, I just know it! How much chas wanna bet me?

  • Richard Brian Penn

    Another product of the Philadelphia public school system?

  • insectintellect

    “oh stewardess, I speak jive”

  • ride1076


    Good one. My momma didn’t raise no dummy!

  • expat attack

    @ insectintellect and ride1076

    You guys don’t know your slang. School = coke. I mean, duh.

  • philthydan

    @ expat attack

    You don’t know your airplane?

  • expat attack


    I do know my Airplane.