Alright, Guys, Which One Of You Pwned Gawker By Telling Them Kade And Richie Rosati Were Gonna Do A Reality TV Show?


And it would be called I’m A Philebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. (Hmm, sounds familiar.) Hot on the heels of our connect-the-generational-dots post on O.G. Butabi brother Richie Rosati, some cheeky monkey (we’re looking in your direction, King Carl, and just for the hell of it, you too, Rosati) “tipped” Gawker off that:

I just heard on the radio here in Philly that Arthur Kade and another Philly born celebrity Richie Rosati just signed on to do a new Philly reality tv show called “I’m a Philebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”.
It’s supposed to also star Philly famous band G-Love and Special Sauce and another famed Philadelphian but not sure who?

Nice touch on the G Love bit. But uhh, wait: Does that mean Preston & Steve or Danny Bonaduce (who was so moved by this post that he devoted air time to it last week) are gonna get dragged into this, too? Awesome. If nothing else, we have this to celebrate: Richie Rosati, we’re back in each other’s lives now. We are, as you might say, inside your love.

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