From The Annals Of Self-Promotion: Meet Richie Rosati, The Arthur Kade Of The 1990s

richierosatiWe were standing around, talking with some friends at Penn Treaty Park last night, and like it always does, the topic of Arthur Kade came up. (We didn’t bring it up; dude is dead to us. No, really.) Anyway, the conversation turned to an interesting question: Who was Philly’s Primordial Kade — the self-promoting ooze from which the likes of Kade would one day spring? Because we’re old heads, talk naturally drifted towards the 80s and 90s, when, say, a young Todd Carmichael first taught us about this thing called La Colombe or The Interpreters invented a hype machine still unmatched by any current local band. But there was a problem in comparing the self-promoters of Philly Past to Kade: Everyone we could come up with actually did things. They defined a cultural moment (sorry, Kade doesn’t) or made a lasting contribution (again, apologies, Mr. Kaydeshes, it’s not gonna happen). So that line of comparison was out, since no one in Philly’s past or present has represented the physical iteration of a brain fart as well as Kade.

Who, then, is Kade’s spiritual daddy? It hit us like a ton of bricks: Richie Rosati. Now, sure: Richie’s made records (at right is the sleeve image from his single “Inside Your Love,” although we prefer “Fast And Nasty Girl” for its raw pathos and street-level moral compass), he’s got the kind of actor’s resume Kade would kill for, has appeared on TV tons and has, as best we can tell, actual fans. But all that didn’t come easy: Back in the pre-digital 1990s, Rosati dogged members of the media (we remember then-Philadelphia Weekly staffer Karen Abbott in particular) with faxes, head shots and phone calls each time he did anything. In the midst of all that hard work and media harping, Rosati, like Kade, struggled with the difficulties of being a white boy from Philly deeply embedded in the douche class and culture (which, back then, was simply known as “Guido”). But it all paid off to some degree: Rosati’s records are still well-known to fans of the “Freestyle” genre (think “Diamond Girl”), and to this day, he’s still working. He’s still on The Journey. He didn’t Kade Out. And for this, Richie Rosati, we salute you. Give us a ring sometime, wouldja?

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  1. ride1076 Says:

    Someone really needs to expand the Wiki article on Dance Party USA.

  2. cummins Says:

  3. KingCarl Says:

    Arthur Kade who is he? As for Ra-zati, his Philly sports team songs are pretty cool (Fightin’ Phils, BroadStreet Bullies) but although that Flyers 2009 song may have been liked or “accepted” by Philly Flyers fans it got hammered by Pittsburgh Penquin fans on Puck Daddy’s Yahoo national blog. Guess thsat’s how it got 10k youtube hitz. but Pittsburgh wasn’t haven’t no flyers song by no meanz.

    Ze Broad Street Bullies

  4. Richard Brian Penn Says:

    Joey – I think Kade should do a blog on Philebrity thanking you for helping build the Kade Brand World Wide.

    So far Arthur has coined the 21st Century term, “Kade Out”

    Maybe he’s got a t-shirt line on the way.

  5. KingCarl Says:

    Maybe Arthur could have “Kaded out” by shaking his ass with Rosati in the My1061 fm tv commercial? Why 106 thought getting these kids to shake their ass on tv would boost ratings is something I think about everyday. I guess sex does sell?
    Rosati and the My106 crew shaking asses:

  6. KingCarl Says:

    and I’d like to add if I may that I know a few folks over at the Philly Inquirer and Daily News and like Karen Abbott who always received faxes and promotional tips from Ra-zaaati it didn’t just begin and end with Abbott. Abbott was probably one of many. Rosati loved the spotlight and press. My Daily News source said it seemed once he got the radio play he craved for so long on stations like Q102 here in Philly, and actual tv job offers that he just stopped the manic self pr soliciting. In other words, he got what he wanted from it, the attention and someone to offer him an actual record deal or tv job, and acted as if he had no need anymore for the locals. Period user perhaps? Clever? Let me also bring up that I used to party with him at clubs like Revival, Voodoo, the Black Banana and anyone from that era would agree with me that all he was there to do was push demo tapes on the dj’s and promote himself. As for Kade, I’m not sure what’s up with him? When you self promote ala Rosati style eventually you are going to be asked to “stand up and deliver”, which I have to say Rosati did and still seems to do, although he’s no longer breaking down our door to tell us all about it. We just seem to find out. So now we wait to see if Arthur Kade will “stand up and deliver”? Will we see a cd from him? a tv show? reality tv perhaps? Or is he promoting simply nothing but a name? I’m sorry Arthur, your intentions are good, but you are going to have to deliver substance now if you want to fly like an eagle here in Philly and be listed with the likes of names like King Britt, Josh Wink, Richie Rosati, Robbie Tronco, hell-even the Roller Blader Guys at the Black Banana.

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