This Moment In Viral Marketing: “She” Is Coming Back To Philly, Whoever The Hell “She” Is

sheIf you’ve been on The Book of Faces or The Google or elsewhere on the web lately — and obviously, you have — you may have seen links for, with the tagline, “Hey Philadelphia! She’s back… Can you guess who it is?” Go to the site, and it’s a woman’s silhouette against the Philly skyline with a countdown clock to the reveal of who “She” is. (As of this writing, 2 days, 19 hours.) Well, we’ve done a little snooping around, and we’ve got two theories on who “She” might be:

  • First, the real one: The domain is registered to concert promoters AEG, so we can safely assume whoever “She” is, she is a musical performer of some kind. We called the AEG Philly office — full disclosure, they’re an advertiser on Philebs — and found that either they really did not know who “She” was, or were feigning ignorance. Fair enough. Without the “viral,” it’s just “marketing” and what fun is that? But upon further Internet snooping, we have developed a hunch, and we think that the “She” in question, could be, maybe, Celine Dion. The weird miniature Jennifer Aniston silhouette would seem to back that up, as would this link, which purports that Dion is “back” in 2010 with a series of concerts booked by – natch – AEG. So, yeah, Celine Dion. Who cares.
  • Second, the better one: That the “She” in question is the long-standing mysterious subject of every “That’s What She Said” joke, ever. Which would be AMAZING. For years, we have been amazed by both the candor with which the infamous “She” reportedly jokes about her sexual exploits, as well as the fact that, after all that nasty stuff, “She” is even actually still in possession of a working vagina. The identity of “She” has been a mystery through the ages, and the idea that she would be coming “back” to Philly opens up a, pardon the expression, Pandora’s box of other questions. It makes the mind wobble. And then reach for penicillin.
  • And, if perchance “She” would turn out to be Celine Dion and the woman Who Said That, well, that would work out pretty awesome, too.

    UPDATE: It’s… Pink! Sigh.

    12 Responses to “This Moment In Viral Marketing: “She” Is Coming Back To Philly, Whoever The Hell “She” Is”

    1. John Lightstone Says:

      I’d guess Pink. And that would fit the second theory too.

    2. HereIsMyHandle Says:

      When did Ms. Dion ever call Philly home?

    3. jennifersage Says:

      yeah, doesn’t the “coming home” imply that she’s from around here?

    4. tips Says:

      Well, the language seems to alternate from “back” to “home.” And in the schmaltzy language of Dionese, “home” could be anywhere she hangs her hat, I mean, weird creepy manager husband. Still, tho, I like Lightstone’s theory.

    5. Handsome Pete Says:

      Eve. With extensions.

    6. jennifersage Says:

      true. pink makes sense but the hair doesn’t match. wtf wny am i even wasting time thinking about this? damn you, philebrity! if it’s eve then maybe i’d give a shit.

    7. expat attack Says:

      I don’t know why I know this, and wish I didn’t, but I’m pretty sure Celine Dion is booked in Vegas through the afterlife. Whatever casino she performs at built a theater just for her.

      Anyway, I’m going with Pink too. Look it at the font for “Philly”. It’s all mall rat agro.

    8. Dr. Ward Says:

      I think it’s Stoya.


      “How do I stuff my comments into this little box?”

      That’s what she said.

    9. Adam_B Says:

      Did some of the same snooping, and Celine Dion might be the best guess. I concur with the BFD, she was here in January of ’08, it’s not like we’re starving for her.

    10. Says:

      I just searched on google and a map showing 913 Filbert St came up and the link to the map is sponsored by

    11. djlynnabraham Says:

      judging by the silhouette, i’m gonna go with Justin Guarini.

    12. emilyg Says:

      I guess She’s traveling by Greyhound, then

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