SugarHouse: It’s Going To Look Like Shit From The Get-Go, And You’re Going To Like It

sugarhouseNow that Bizarro Nutter has officially, definitively buried the anti-casino rhetoric that Real Nutter ran a decent portion of his campaign on, you’ll notice that the process to get Philly’s two proposed slots casinos built is going along like a hot knife through butter. And nobody’s feeling that easy, breezy process more than Sugarhouse right now. Remember that “Interim Casino” we told you about a while back? Well, it’s going to be permanent. One architect working on the project told City Council yesterday:

“This interim facility is to be the initial phase of the permanent and much larger casino development. This is to be a permanent building right from the outset. This ‘interim casino’ will be the cornerstone of the rest of our project.”

Council responded by handing over the required technical and zoning planning changes to SugarHouse and then going back to sleep. On the bright side, Sugarhouse’s Magical Fun Tent will go really nicely with the little Hooverville Mall across the street right now at Frankford and Delaware, where crusty old dudes sell broken bikes and old VCRs out of an old RV. It’s all very Carnivale, don’t you think?

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  1. jim Says:

    anyone know which of the shipyards is being unearthed right now? large piles of wood abound at the sugarhouse build site. also of note is an archeological dig of some kind just up from penn treaty park on columbia. anyone know the details there?

    but this whole sugarhouse interim thing stinks of the same thought process behind the Chrysler HQ being convertable to a strip mall project:

  2. arcticsplasher Says:

    Given Philly’s long history of getting 50% thru a project before quitting (see: BF Parkway, Penns Landing, towers atop the Gallery, etc), you must realize the “interim” slotbox and its sea of surface lots along Del Ave are all we’ll ever see from these guys…

  3. lutton Says:


    I suspect the dig is related to future changes of that whole Girard / Delware Ave / I-95 interchange. They did some digging under 95 right at the southeastern tip of Port Richmond Plaza.

    @tips re Hooverville Mall

    ha; I drive past that nearly everyday. I wonder if those guys have all their licenses and pay their BPT/NPT etc. :(

  4. Hot Mess Says:

    Does this mean Johnny Hots will be open 24 7 now? Hope so.

  5. Patricio Says:

    As much as I loathe most of the elected officials in city council the fault of this slot barn is all Fat Eddie and the Pennsyltucky politicos.

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