That’s The Way We Get By: Forbes Makes Another List Of Brokedick Cities, And We’re Not Even On It! Weeee!

trading-places-p12Oh, Forbes. You’ve never met a listicle you didn’t like. And it’s very classy how, if you ever click on these Forbes listicles, to get from one item on the list to another, Forbes lets the whole page reload. You know, instead of just publishing, like, a list. So pardon us if we just link to the Yahoo recap on this Forbes listicle of U.S. Cities Where It’s Hardest To Get By, wherein Philly is most definitely NOT named. Any student of Philly’s long-standing culture of low expectations could have guessed that we wouldn’t have made this one — after all, compared to a lot of cities, Philly is still ass cheap, and to make a name for yourself here, all you really have to do is start a cut-and-paste “metroblog” or start a “controversial” scuzz band that plays fast and loose with racism, homophobia and potty humor. Easy peasy! Anyway, Billy Ray Valentine (pictured) could have told you as much back in 1983. But it’s nice — for once — not to be noticed.

5 Responses to “That’s The Way We Get By: Forbes Makes Another List Of Brokedick Cities, And We’re Not Even On It! Weeee!”

  1. lord_whimsy Says:

    “Looking good, Billy Ray!”

    “Feeling good, Louis!”

  2. Patricio Says:

    Forbes lists are constant and inane. Cost of living I would imagine is only a portion of what Forbes “scientific” research entails. I remember five years ago looking at places to rent in Buffalo (a city that made the list) and found 5 bedroom places going for $750, in decent areas no less. Of course I know its Buffalo but still.

    In all honesty I don’t find Philadelphia to be all that cheap. For every one city I can find to be more expensive (to live in), I could find 6 or 7 that are more affordable.

  3. Patricio Says:

    Even though I love Trading Places, John “I killed Vic Morrow and some Vietnamese kids” Landis is a total tool.

    Just sayin’.

  4. lord_whimsy Says:

    “Think I’m gonna…retire.”

  5. inhaler97 Says:

    well if you reread new york (number 19) penn. metro area is included

    “(New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, N.Y.-N.J.-Penn. metro area)”

    so does that mean we are the 6th burough?

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