Cole Hamels Now Sharing Representation With Undead Daredevils And The Guy Who Had An Intervention On The Apprentice

coleEverybody knows that pro athletes, especially once they go big and, say, win the World Series, stand to multiply their incomes to untold levels via endorsements and personal appearances. And like any other agency game, who you choose to represent you on those deals should be contingent on their own successes. So you can understand why we fretted for Cole Hamels when we saw where he sat on the roster of clients at Prince Marketing Group. In a sea of has-beens — including recent Celebrity Apprentice castoff/total megabummer Dennis Rodman — Hamels stands out as being one of the only people whose endorsement might actually mean something these days. (Unless you count Pat O’Brien, who could probably make a killing repping adult book stores.) And certainly more than, say, daredevil Evel Knievel, who’s also on Prince’s list of clients and who is also, uhm, dead. Like, for a while now. Cole, obviously you can choose to do business with whomever you wish, but please, we implore you: Do not go to the Prince Marketing Group Christmas party this year.

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