Fun With Venn Diagrams: Understanding Dan Gross


Being a site that at least partially trades in gossip, we are pretty much forced to keep an eye on Dan Gross‘ column and its accompanying website, Philly Gossip. Now, those of us here at Philebrity — or “cocksuckers,” as Gross likes to call us — have a very different view of what constitutes gossip or even news, and that is borne out quite a bit if you A/B the two sites. When Gross began his column, we went out of our way to link to it a lot, because we believed that, like the Daily News itself, it was truly reflective of the city it served. Back then, all kinds of people would show up in Dan’s column: Politicians, artists, musicians, and normal folk suddenly thrust into the spotlight, rubbing right up against the old Byko mix of celebs passing through town and whathaveyou. But over the last year or so — perhaps because of web metrics fever, perhaps because of some kind of cosmic “I fucking give up,” who knows — what populates Philly Gossip has come to more closely represent the Venn diagram you see above. For instance, of the six posts Gross has made since Monday (a union work ethic if e’er we saw one), three concern strippers and porn stars. It’s an unhealthy ratio, but then again, you show us something that is healthy these days. If the Dan Gross Venn Diagram — much like the Brian Tierney Pentagram Of Doom — shows us anything, it’s that things are tough all over.

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  1. mquinn Says:

    wow, what amazing investigative journalism! keep up the good work, you fat piece of shit cocksucker.

  2. tips Says:

    Endless boogie.

  3. ronjohnson Says:

    Electric Turn To Me

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