Confidential To New York: We’ll Be Nice For A Week If You Please, Please, Please Claim Arthur Kade

ak2-300x200So, for those of you wondering who exactly Philly’s Great Depression 2.0 Douchelord Icon is going to be — aka the person to take the place of Anthony DiMeo III, who achieved near urban-myth status a few years back — we’d like you to meet actor/model Arthur Kade. Arthur Kade is a guy who, from what we can gather, made a lot of money in the last bunch of years as a financial planner and has decided to chuck it all to follow his dream to stage and screen. Which is kind of a nice/enviable thing, when you think about it. But like many who wish to spend time on the boards — that’s supergay actor talk for “act on the stage” — Arthur is a little bit of an oversharer… and not so very self-aware… and quite possibly the Internet’s next local whipping boy. Why? Because of this blog post he made recently. From his perch in Rittenhouse — why, we ask you, are these types always from Rittenhouse — Arthur recently recounted a trip to New York where he just got away from it all, spent some time with some girlfriends, and really just got down to what really matters. In Arthur’s case, this would mean: Going to NYC’s 1Oak, which Arthur will tell you he “love[s] because I can listen to the hottest hip-hop music and meet beautiful women while simultaneously networking and creating material for the blog.” Which is funny, because that’s why we hang out wherever it is we hang out. (By the way, where do we hang out? Team Philebrity now accepting applications for the place where we hang out.) Anyway, poor Arthur’s post is riddled with out-of-touch, pretty-dippy-when-you-get-right-down-to-it douche-isms, and has become something of the email forward of the moment. But we also get the vibe that Arthur’s the kind of guy who will either welcome the attention or be completely oblivious to it, so for the moment, we’re going to have to reserve judgement. For all we know, living life like our man Arthur over here just might be the best revenge.
ArthurKade: When Grown Ass Men Turn Into Whitney Port

14 Responses to “Confidential To New York: We’ll Be Nice For A Week If You Please, Please, Please Claim Arthur Kade”

  1. Walter Sobchak Says:

    Well… Arthur sounds like he may be a bit of an oversharer.

    But the commenter who posted as A Voice of Reason sounds like an angry, angry person with way too much time on his hands!

  2. Sonny Says:

    Thought hangout was settled:

    “We only mention it because, when asked what is her favorite place in Philly, she bigs up… National Mechanics! Which is kind of like our second office.”

  3. tips Says:

    We love Mechanics, but it’s a little too far from HQ — as well as the new office we’ll be moving into shortly — to be THEE daily local. Although, to be fair, we have considered just moving our whole operation into a few of the side booths at Mechanics.

  4. Zombie Larry Says:

    his blog reminds me of that hilarious New Jersey Guido’s web site that was going around a few years back. Popped collars and kissy faces. It has to be a put on. No one could be that self absorbed.

  5. bert barnett Says:

    Really top notch reporting here, guys. I can’t wait till the stodgy, old world dickheads at the DN and Inky just shrivel up and die already so we can get down to what really matters: Dissecting posts from the personal blogs of otherwise anonymous actors from Philly. Oh, and dropping in on Jennifer Weiner’s blog to make sure, yep, she’s still fat. See you at the P&P, magnum!

  6. tips Says:

    @Bert: There’s a support group meeting for all the other first-time commenters Sunday at 1PM at the McDonald’s down the street from the Inky building.

  7. tips Says:

    Let the record show that Bert Barnett was very likely the shortest-lived commenter ever on Philebrity. Banned after only his second comment. Jburnside, your reign of terror remains intact.

  8. tips Says:

    Also, he was posting from a Bloomingdale’s, which is kinda awesome.

  9. jc Says:

    ‘tips’ says: Let the record show that Bert Barnett was very likely the shortest-lived commenter ever on Philebrity. Banned after only his second comment.

    So where is his second comment? I’m curious what he said…

    That is pretty awesome that he was posting from Bloomingdale’s.

  10. Timo Says:

    When Bert began this emotional and spiritual journey 6 weeks ago, he always envisioned that there would be ups and downs. He promised himself that he would not measure the successes or failures by money, fame or popularity, but by the feelings of life, energy, and most importantly passion. His dream was to finally wake up every morning with a challenge, a purpose, and doing something that he truly loves, which is being at the Pen & Pencil.

  11. gp Says:

    This guy is nothing like former douche Dimeo. Dimeo is a sue-happy delusional psychopath. Kade is just caught up in the superficial world that our country enables many to get caught up into. And you, philebrity, are as much of a douche for calling out someone that has the guts to lay himself out there in front of the world.

    Actually I think Arthur is a little smarter than he seems…he’s generating publicity for himself which is obviously what he wants.

    Let’s look at Kade’s life…he hangs out with beautiful women, people buy him stuff, he has fun and is fairly good at not caring about what other people think. And that’s an important thing…to not care, b/c only then can you really be truly free. He hasn’t gotten there yet, but he’s working on it. As far as I can tell, he’s got a pretty nice life going. It may not be admirable, but he’s having a damn good time! And if that’s the case and he’s not hurting anyone, who the fuck cares?? I say good for you Arthur.

  12. Richard Brian Penn Says:

    I did a review on his “Friend Zone” on my radio show. I have to give him props for at least just putting everythign out there. Whether we think he’s a total tool or an interesting guy; his blog can give you hours of laughs.

    Yes, he’s out there promoting himself and who knows if it will work out in his favor or hurt him, but at the end of the day it makes some pretty entertaining and hilarious reading.


  13. cb Says:

    The comments on his blog are so right on… but at the same time, I felt a little sorry for the guy by the end of them. I’m such a wimp.

  14. sasquatch672 Says:

    I fear for this man’s safety. Granted, Philadelphia has more than its fair share of douchebags, but this guy reaches new heights. Philadelphians do not suffer this type of fool gladly. The “Real World” cast was nearly run out of town, and their douche-itude didn’t come close to this guy. Sooner or later, a couple of pipefitters, carpenters, or ironworkers are going to be out one night, and this guy’s going to mouth off.

    Arthur – Philadelphia’s a little too small for you. If you stay there, you are going to get your ass kicked. If I thought it would produce in you the change you so sorely need, I would encourage you to go get your ass kicked. But it’s clear the message will be lost on you. So go somewhere that might tolerate a douchebag like you a little more. New York. San Francisco – in fact, you might fit RIGHT in there. Off the continental shelf. Doesn’t matter. Philadelphia – Philadelphia will chew you up.

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