We Think We Just Might Have An Answer To The Question “How Painful Is This Roots/Fallon Thing Going To Be?”

Owch. Join us next Monday night when we liveblog the first night of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
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  • cb

    Wait, why are you not looking forward to this? I am! I’m psyched for them. Also, I have a crush on Jimmy Fallon, so.

  • annie

    I have feeling Ahmir is going to be carrying this show.

  • agentlinden

    That didn’t look too bad I thought.

  • mikemikemike

    Yeah, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still, I won’t be staying up late to watch Fallon at all, ever.

  • http://djrobertdrake.com DJRobertDrake

    that wasn’t bad at all – i’ve never been a fan of jimmy’s constant tug/pull nervous twitching – but i think the boys will all play nicely starting next week

  • ride1076

    I want a fish sammich.

  • http://philebrity.com Ruth

    I thought that was great. And I also would like a fish sammich. mmmmmmmmmmmm.