Coming To A Federal Courthouse Near You: National Lampoon’s Boiler Room

Tee hee! Philadelphia’s own acting U.S. Attorney Laurie Magid indicted the head of National Lampoon for trying to pump up his stock.

According to the charges, between March and June 2008, National Lampoon CEO Daniel Laikin conspired with Dennis Barsky, who is listed on National Lampoon SEC filings as a “consultant,” to pay others, including Eduardo Rodriguez and the CW, to artificially inflate the price of National Lampoon stock. Rodriguez enlisted Tim Dougherty, a Rochester, New York stock promoter, to assist in the scheme. Dougherty was paid approximately $40,000 to make purchases in National Lampoon stock with the objective of driving up the share price. Dougherty made his purchases over the course of a number of days and used various accounts to give the false impression of a steady demand for the stock.

We’re not the confidential witness, by the way. It turns out that $40,000 buys quite a lot of National Lampoon stock, which trades at seventy-three cents. Is the shitter full in federal prison? Because you know something is getting pumped somewhere…

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  1. Sonny Says:

    “If you don’t buy this stock, we’ll kill this dog.”

    Nostalgia for the olds. Sorry.

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