Breaking: Brian Tierney’s Message Of Christmas Cheer — See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya


The company informed Guild leadership this afternoon that it intends to eliminate 35 bargaining-unit jobs at the Inquirer and Daily News effective Dec. 31.

The layoffs as planned would come primarily from the newsrooms, specifically from the photo and graphic arts departments and the copy desk. The company also plans to cut six positions in advertising.

And for the last time, no, Philebrity is not hiring. We’ll ponder this at greater length tomorrow when Philebs returns. The rest of the bad news — including specific cuts, and the number you, PMH Employee, can call if you wanna throw down for a voluntary layoff — after the jump.

Layoffs among management are also planned. The company would not say how many. Tomorrow, it will send letters to all 320-plus independent employees across the company asking for volunteers. If it does not get enough volunteers, the company said it will resort to forced layoffs of independents. Management cuts are assured in all departments.

The projected Guild layoffs are as follows:
At the Inquirer:
7 photographers
2 photo lab technicians
3 photo editors
7 copy editors
3 graphic artists

At the Daily News:
1 photographer
4 part-time copy editors
1 full-time copy editor
1 graphic artist

In Advertising:
4 outside sales positions
2 retail supervisor positions

The company said the job cuts are necessary as revenue continues to decline.

The Guild leadership urges anyone interested in volunteering for a layoff to contact Administrative Officer Bill Ross at 215-928-0118 (the Guild office) or 267-240-8540 (his cell) as soon as possible.

The company has indicated it will accept volunteers in any job category but is most interested in achieving the numbers in the categories outlined above. Volunteers in those targeted categories will be accepted and will save a fellow member on a one-for-one basis based on seniority.

Volunteers who are accepted will be entitled to full severance pay, unemployment, unused 2008 vacation and personal days and COBRA health insurance coverage up to 18 months. They also would be eligible for recall for one year. The same applies for any employee laid off involuntarily.

Guild leaders will resume discussions with the company tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Breaking: Brian Tierney’s Message Of Christmas Cheer — See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya”

  1. Colin Says:

    Damn…. I’ll never understand why those that run newspapers think laying people off will help them. 7 photographers at the INQ? Shit the only reason I even BOUGHT a newspaper recently was because I wanted to see their photos from the World Series or because there was a cool photo on the front page. The only reason the paper continues to go downhill is because they’re losing their talented staff and under utilizing the talent they already have there.

    Why do they think they’ll be able to sell an even more shittacular paper? Imagine the stupidity involved in running any business and cutting features, while trying to solve declining sales. For example – Nobody is buying the Zune anymore! Lets cut the storage space in half and charge 50% more for it ! GENIUS!

  2. Timo Says:

    The trend in newspapers has been in “hyper-localization,” meaning more crime, sports and weather. This kind of journalism depends on auto dealerships and real estates companies for ad revenue. When those industries downturn, well….

  3. Johnny Goodtimes Says:

    Just as long as they don’t fire anybody from their new style magazine. That’s gonna be the thing that leads them out of this mess. I just know it!

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