Update: Everything About The Gyro Book Is Fake (Except For How Much It Makes You Continue To Loathe Gyro)

We almost hesitate to to give them any further press, but we did feel like we needed to pass along some pointed information regarding our post earlier this week on Virus: The Outrageous History of Gyro Worldwide, the new coffee table book that’s out about what is easily the city’s most loathed advertising agency, Gyro. Upon further inspection, here is what we can tell you: The book’s author, Harriet Bernard-Levy PhD., almost definitely does not exist, which in turn leaves the only viable interpretation of the probable circumstances surrounding this book’s creation involving either Gyro interns forced to pen a book-long blowjob to the company (surely there has got to be a prosecutable offense there) or, possibly worse, Gyro head Steven Grasse penning the book at night, alone, with nothing but the whizzing burr of his own outsize ego soundtracking his idiot quest. That’s not cute. That’s not clever. And there’s more: The book’s publisher, Gold Crown Press, is a front set up by Gyro. (Sorry, The Secret World Of Amish Defectors is not a real book.) And lastly, we also have reason to believe that the book’s Amazon reviews are faked in their entirety, both the good ones and the bad ones. When taken in total, it all sets up what we’d submit as a new slogan for Gyro as it begins to plod through this new recession: Desperate, but not serious.
I already feel like a total fucking rube for having written this. Fuck.
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5 Responses to “Update: Everything About The Gyro Book Is Fake (Except For How Much It Makes You Continue To Loathe Gyro)”

  1. nightwalker Says:

    They proudly self-proclaim themselves as hipsters on their website. Que endless guffaws.

  2. C. The Impaler Says:

    “proclaim themselves” or “self proclaimed”

    “Cue” … guffaw guffaw guffaw

  3. conorcorcoran Says:

    Question for y’all –

    Is the alleged author’s name just a play on the name of Bernard Henri-Levy, the Grand Pooba of Gallic pontification?

  4. tips Says:


  5. expat attack Says:

    The worst part about this is that it’s just….so boring. I’m sure Grasse and his minions think we’ll all love linking from here to Gold Crown to the Arcadia and uncovering how we’ve been played and how smart and crafty they are, but the content in this little shenanigan is just not that funny or even interesting. This would explain why they suck as an ad agency I guess.

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