Rumblings: The Evil That Men (Tell You To) Do

>>> Who knew W. Wilson Goode Jr. was just so, so batshit crazy? Here is, telling the Inky not to tell him what to do. Which is basically just one or two insane chess moves from our favorite Jerry Springer defense of all time: “Y’all don’t know me! Y’all don’t know how I LIVE!” Meanwhile, Goode is continuing to press this line that Latrice Bryant started about how Fox29 is racist in the dumbest way possible: It’s not that Fox29 is racist in particular, it’s that ALL TV NEWS IS RACIST against poor people and people with brains. And also the stupid and illiterate. TV news is racist against everyone. You’re not special, Goode. Oh, and catching you in some sort of cahoots with Latrice? NOT RACIST. Just fucking funny. [Inky]
>>> And speaking of racists, commenters seem to have taken a break for a moment from html lynchings and have turned their attentions to, you guessed it, tarring and feathering Dan Gross (see comments). So it’s more of a white-on-white crime thing. Like meth. [PhillyGossip]
>>> And lastly, Washington City Paper does what CP and PW will inevitably do in the next 24 months: Give up. Or, as we like to call it, “imitating Philebrity.” [GeorgetownVoice]

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