Attn. Latrice Bryant: Your MySpace Page Is Not Doing You (Or Councilman Goode) Any Favors

We’d been holding off on posting about this whole thing with City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr., his aide Latrice Bryant, and how Fox29 caught Bryant going into Goode’s house with a case of beer and then not leaving said house until 11:30 the next morning, and how Bryant then showed up in Council yesterday holding up improvised handmade signs about how Fox29 and correspondent Jeff Cole were, and we quote, “KKK.” We were holding off for a few reasons:
1.) Because history has taught us that if you leave a man named Wilson Goode alone with his fuckups for long enough, they will surely come to a naturally fantastic, shameful, and mega-fucked-up conclusion.
2.) Because this transcript from yesterday had us in stitches enough that we couldn’t really come up with anything funnier than the actual thing, and knew we should just wait a beat.
3.) BECAUSE, if we know one thing, we know this: Where there is (potential, alleged, you hear me, ALLEGED) skanks, there is MySpace.
And then boom! Just like that, somebody sends us a link to Latrice Bryant’s MySpace page. A few things that can be gleaned there about Latrice:
· Latrice, in a fate that has befallen so many people (adults) who should not be trusted with computers, has the online presence of a 14-year-old girl. Sadly, she is also a city employee. (Mood: Ecstatic.)
· Her favorite books are The Bible, Having What Really Matters, and The Art of War. That’s insane, ME TOO!
· And, seriously, the sluttiest, most outright sad collection of pictures this side of Rodeo from Rock Of Love. At right, well, you can see it. There it is. CITY EMPLOYEE. WHO RAN FOR STATE REP. Saying.
So I think this whole waiting thing just worked out for us. Isn’t there a chapter about that in The Art Of War? I wonder if anyone on PhillyBlog has a copy I can borrow.
Update: MySpace page now set to private. The world is a vampire. After the jump, SCREEN GRABS.

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7 Responses to “Attn. Latrice Bryant: Your MySpace Page Is Not Doing You (Or Councilman Goode) Any Favors”

  1. conorcorcoran Says:

    Her profile was set to private as of 2:45 pm, Friday afternoon.

    Was she trolling myspace while on the job?

  2. djlynnabraham Says:


  3. thegrape Says:

    Ha, said the guy who posted at 2:47 pm. Jussayin.

  4. Walter Sobchak Says:

    Curtis Jones is one of her MySpace friends, nice!

  5. jonasher Says:

    God, I love this town.

  6. gr Says:

    Nice google text ads in the first screenshot there, champ.

  7. mantanza1 Says:

    So what? The issue is not her MySpace page. It’s her misuse of city time. Geez another witch burning.

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