Somebody Needs A Comments Policy

pwRemember last week’s Philadelphia Weekly article about how awesome Southwest Philly is becoming? In all fairness, writer Tara Nurin‘s piece did report on some good things that are happening in a rough, rough part of town, but her headline and subhed positioned the article as something it wasn’t quite. So of course, comments actually kind of flourished.

Anybody involved in media knows (or should know) that online discussions and comments forums are ultimately governed by entropy (see that article on internet trolls we told you about on Monday). Also, these media folks are aware (or should be) of the difficulties surrounding healthy online debate, and in particular, the idiocy of editing or deleting comments from these forums, because on the Internet, nothing ever dies. Anyway, it’s come to our attention that the Weekly deleted over 20 comments from the first three days after the article went up on their website. Hint: You can always moderate your comments in productive way, so that you don’t get embarrassed by having other people report on them. After the jump, we give you the deleted comments, featuring a crack house endorsement, vigorous racial debate, a bad joke, and more…

[all spelling and punctuation is verbatim, FYI – all we did was add group by subject and add headlines]

Jerry O’Neil’s Crackhouse Is The Shit

so true fat sam so true i was one of them customers at that crack house on elmwood ave. it was a good crack house with all amenities a crackhead would need. man i miss that place

Who Made SW Philly The Way It Is Today? “Spade,” “White Trash,” “Mr. African Frizhead,” or “Mr. Irish Shavedhead?”

Jack call a spade ,a spade, you hit your repley right on. All that is left are our memorys off growing up in a safe, and youthfull neighborhood are long gone .This is the HOOD now. southwest philla has become the new west philly maybe she was thinking of west philly. the streets of southwest are like the old wild west this days,i remember when we could leave our kids bikes on the front lawn over night and come out the next day and the bikes would still be there.we could leave the car keys in the car out back in our drive ways with out worry,and you did not have to chane down our barbacue grills with locks too our railings for fear of them being stolen we could sit on our front steps at nights have a few beers and not have the fear of being shot . our kids could ride there bikes up to woodland ave without the fear of bring robbed or shot. the days of larrys deli, shores sneakers, the ben and benson movies, js army and navy,pauls,anns and the pit are long gone and lets not forget the oak grill and greenway tavern.cooks,the loop,gibsons,rays, back then you were safe drinking in this bars and you did not have to get buzzed in the front door just to get a cold beer. the 60s 70s 80s,early 90s were the best times to grow up in swest all that is left are the memorys. at least we still have them.

you all a bunch of rascist white thrash, who do you think brought down southwest philly? thats right WHITE THRASH!! Now it is our neighborhood and we will clean up your mess and make it a beautiful place ot live in. who cares about catholic churchs thats the white mans sex stores. Baseball who cares, look at any basketball court its full 24 hours a day. This is the new it place to live and all you white thrash will be pissed with the white flight that ruined this place.

Dear african frizhead, when you gradeated from Bartrum? You english be impectables.

to mr irish shavedhead sounds like a kkk member to me. what difference does it make where i went to school but if you must no i gradeated with my geb while doing time for raping your little white a$$. I would love to tie you up to a pole and drop your pants so the vultures could eat you up. good day mister irish shavehead kkk.

African frizhead and Irish shavedhead, this has nothing to do with the race of those living in the SWP area. On the contrary, there were whites, Asians, African Americans all living in SWP peacefully through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. It has nothing to do with religion; there were catholic churches, Episcopal Church and Baptist churches that thrived in these neighborhoods with no issues. This is about the truth not being depicted in an article written by an author not familiar with the history of southwest Philadelphia.

This is about people taking pride and responsibility for their neighbors and neighborhood. Johnny was not allowed to get out of line on Dicks Avenue because Joey’s mom would call Johnny’s mom and let her know Johnny was being an a$$. People looked and spoke out for each other. They all took pride in their home as well as their neighborhood. They didn’t look for an organization to come in and beautify their neighborhood with murals. They went and bought paint, paint brushes and painted their own walls, doors or sidewalks. There were no hand outs coming and none were expected.

That is what all of the comments are about.

it might not be race issue with you mr boyz but read the rest of these replyers and it makes my chin cringe with hatred and go out whitey

Correction, I never said anything about race. I just commented on Frizzy’s grammar and spelling. However, it appears that Mr. Frizzy is a rapist, potential murderer, homosexual and I am an accused KKK member. I can say for sure that I would never associate myself with any hate group, nor am I a homo, so I take exception to that. However, threats, name calling and the such will not change the fact that Mr. Frizzy is borderline illiterate and he has promised to tie me up and take my pants off. Sounds like you are some kind of weirdo too Friz. Anyway, this is sad, sad like the state of the former great SWP after all the white trash left.

so true irish shavedhead so true i think african frizzhead is illiterate. what is a geb? chin cringe? white thrash? Didn’t he play for the eagles a couple years ago?

To African Frizhead…you are right about one thing, it is your neighborhood now. When I drive thru Southwest Philly now (at a high rate of speed of course), the only thing I can think to myself is “who the heck left the cage door open?” I am sure it is only a coincidence that the beautiful neighborhood we had just happened to be all white back then and the run down, crime infested area (it isn’t a neighborhood anymore) rat hole you now have just happens to be all black. Stop talking about racism. I am just stating a fact. Our baseball fields were filled during the summer. Your basketball courts are filled during school hours. We settled our differences with our fists. Your area just shoots a person for looking crooked at somebody. No wonder African Americans love to claim it is their neighborhood now. It is a jungle, just like the homeland. Why go to the Zoo, when I can go thru Southwest for free.

you a bad man mr mccreesh a very bad man

I be living here fo three year now and i only been robbed 1 time and that was my fault for getting in the car with the customer. freaking bj cost me 100 clean. all you white men come back for my shit all the time. 9 out of 10 jons are small pensis whiteys who hate there life. see on the corner of 71st and elmwood

After reading these e mails I spit my paint chips up they are so funny.I still live in SWP my parents lock me in the attic but I do have a small view of the outside world and I see whats going on I seen the changes in the last 20 years. Friz head your wrong the white trash lives in K town SouthWest was a great spot to live until about 10 years ago I wonder why what has changed in the last 10 years?

Dear Mr Loon, you right about the white thrash they ruin southwest for real my man. i two am a attic but everyday i pray to jihad to get through the night in this living hell.

Cleaning House

Well, it seems that NOBODY has cleaned up ANYTHING in the 12 years since I left. When are YOU going to do something about THAT?

Bon still cleans out there, don’t forget he is the great protector.

Southwest Philly Is For The Gays

I miss all the fresh young boys frolicking around the rectory in their tight britches. I’d rise from the grave for some more of that. Too bad the neighborhood went to hell with all these colored people running amok. Now, who wants a Snickers?

I’ve been coming to SW Philly for 20 years. They (the coloreds) don’t bother me. Now them Barnies kids. Oh ! Some of them yell out “Tom the fag ! Tom the fag !” sometimes when I walk by. It gets my goat every time they do that !

– Tom the Fag

Dear Mr fatsam you really nerves about these homo people how come? i think you want to be one. i buy your goat for 5 clean and bag of ganja

We Leave You With A Classy Joke

What has 6 legs and three teeth?

3 chicks from southwest philly

Ba bom bom

2 Responses to “Somebody Needs A Comments Policy”

  1. ride1076 Says:

    Don’t forget about white tHrash, either. White tHrash may be equally responsible.

  2. getoverit Says:

    They obviously got rid of these comments because they are full of hatred and racism.

    Why in the world would you feel compelled to repost such horrible things?? Remarks like this don’t deserve the credit you are giving them, you are spreading the hate.

    nice work jackass!

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