The Philebrity Lexicon: “Sketchburger”

sketch·bur·ger · noun, adjective, slang.
1. Person who behaves in socially suspicious ways as a general pattern of behavior. Behaviors tend to relate to problems with SEX and/or DRUGS, although, just as often a SKETCHBURGER could be suffering from a crippling SOCIAL ANXIETY that colors everything they do in an inadvertently suspicious light. Most often, however, if you’re getting a SKETCHBURGER vibe from someone, there is in fact a higher-than-average chance that they are indeed a SKETCHBURGER.
2. Unfortunately named new hamburger restaurant on GIRARD AVE. that has unwittingly caused Philebrity staff to call each other SKETCHBURGERS about once an hour.
Ex.: “Jimmy totally disappeared with that girl who was by herself at the end of the bar all night long. What a SKETCHBURGER!”

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3 Responses to “The Philebrity Lexicon: “Sketchburger””

  1. Allan Smithee Says:

    “…has unwittingly caused Philebrity staff to call each other SKETCHBURGERS about once an hour.”

    um, I believe usage hours are only between the early evening to slightly after midnight. strange, no?

  2. posdnous Says:

    This interesting, coming from a site called Philebrity. Speaking the name to anyone from outside of the city (and many in it) makes me sound like I need speech therapist.

    Also, I ate a sketchburger and it was damn god!

  3. tips Says:

    Pos, you want a do-over on that?

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