Too Hot For Uwishunu: How To Buy Crack In North Philly

I went back to North Philly for the first time in 10 years. It sucked. My friend fed me some adderall and fucked off, so I wandered around Broad St. and Carlyle area until somebody robbed me. I had about 200 bucks worth of coke on me, but my friend had mentioned getting some rock before he heads off to Princeton this September. I wish somebody filmed me trying to buy crack on Carlyle St. Dude told me to sit on the stoop and then started talking really fast: “you in the HEAT of it, man, the block is HOT, THE BLOCK IS HOT!!!” I fumbled 24 dollars out of my cheap mondays smoother than a 13-year-old buying weed, and after the guy vanished I sat by my idiot self smoking a cigarette and trying to look normal while ominous characters drove and walked by slowwwwly and eying me down.

The more you know!
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3 Responses to “Too Hot For Uwishunu: How To Buy Crack In North Philly”

  1. mw_217 Says:

    what’s the “Carlyle area”?

  2. expat attack Says:

    what a total douche bag

  3. mo Says:

    you spelled “carlisle” wrong.

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