The Philebrity Lexicon: “Pain Cave”

pain cave · noun, adjective, slang.
Though the term orginated in the 1990s via this song from the WAYNE’S WORLD films, the PAIN CAVE has come to signify in more recent times a state of abject HANGOVER brought on by overindulgence, in short times or prolonged, in ALCOHOL and DRUGS. However, the PAIN CAVE denotes more than just a physical state of HANGOVER, but rather a spiritual one as well. Symtoms include UNBEARABLE SADNESS, EXTREME MAILAISE, HIGH-LEVEL IRRITABILITY and often LASHING OUT AT SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. Condition generally lasts up to 48 hours but has been known to stretch out for an entire WEEK.
Ex.: “There was no need to throw that vase at me. After all, this is your PAIN CAVE, not mine. I feel great, as a matter of fact.”

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6 Responses to “The Philebrity Lexicon: “Pain Cave””

  1. C. The Impaler Says:

    I think the “pain cave” may be a consequence of having been “in the shit” (i.e. actual post traumatic stress disorder inducing circumstances), but it not synonymous with it. Rather unless you were indeed “in the shit” the pain cave means one thing: you drank too much, buck up.

    Pain caves are not excuses for 1st posts coming close to noon either.

  2. tips Says:

    Hiyo! If you must know, Cheese, I slept in today after a very long, delightful, and leg-rubberizing bike ride last night. The most wholesome thing I’ve done in ages!

  3. C. The Impaler Says:

    You can’t leg-rubberize and be wholesome at the same time. You walk the middle line, squash like grape. Then you’d be in a pain cave.

  4. tips Says:

    Yeah. Greeeeeat.

  5. towncrier Says:

    Good for you, tips. Do it more often. I still don’t get it why many indie rockers have this aversion to anything resembling exercise. What, does it screw with your cool look to have to wear exercise shorts? It doesn’t automatically make you a jock or anything.

  6. fuckermost Says:

    towncrier: what are you talking about? i see indie rockers jogging around all the time. even pranged: they’re right. on it!

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