Philadelphia: Now Leading The Country In Self-Love, Perversion And Good Ol’ Lechery

In general, it is recent Philebrity editorial policy to look upon lists of cities with a shrug and a firm look that says, “This’ll make it into Rumblings… if we’re desperate.” But here’s one we can, um, get behind: Philly is the third most obscene city in the U.S. And for once there is hard math to prove it. Using Google Trends and the late Geroge Carlin‘s seven dirty words, AlleyInsider ran the entire country through a series of searches. Louisville, KY came in first, but we’re guessing they just had a leg up because of the K-Y thing. Rochester blew in at number two, and we’re third. We like to think that Philebrity might have had something to do with this, but while we’re at it, we’re guessing TLA Video and probably didn’t slouch, either. Lastly, we’d like to thank you, the people of Philadelphia. For once, being such a bunch of jerkoffs has finally paid off.
AlleyInsider: Philly Spooges Its Way To The Top Again

2 Responses to “Philadelphia: Now Leading The Country In Self-Love, Perversion And Good Ol’ Lechery”

  1. Patricio Says:

    You fuckin’ motherfuckers can’t understand how we fuckin do it the fuckin’ ROC. Pussies.

  2. HotMovies Says:

    We try our best :)

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