Technologicology: The Preachy Summer Edition

In recognition of such a lovely weekend, consider this a very special Technologicology. One that I’m asking you not to read. Instead, extend that holiday; go for a bike ride, cook a burger and avoid gadgets at all cost. If you can’t make it on your own, this is your (short) supplement.
>>> No, the picture at left isn’t the inspiration for the cover art of the last 5 albums reviewed on Pitchfork. It’s Erik Nordenankar‘s self-portrait. And as far as we can guess, it’s the largest one of its kind. Dude shipped a GPS around the globe to create it. Moral #1: Do something Real™ with your technology, even if you can’t take the trip. [Gizmodo]
>>> Apple patented a solar cell “skin” for its devices that will suck up sun rays to charge your iPhone. It’s kind of creepy when it comes down to how many human characteristics our gadgets are taking on, but let’s stick to the benefits. Moral #2: Wii Fit IS NOT a replacement for a real walk in a sunny park. And uhm, enjoy that park before machines enslave us in an exhausting underworld mine. [TUAW]
>>> There’s always a chance that your trip outside and your subsequent most embarrassing moment in years will be caught on Google Street View. Like this guy. Moral #3: You’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing. [Gawker]
Technologicology with Brian James Kirk will return in full next week. If you see a homeless-looking man in Fairmount Park playing with his Motorola Q9, avoid at all cost.
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