WiFi Interruptus: Ugly Details Of Earthlink Pullout Emerge

elYou knew this day was coming. I mean, we told you it was coming. And today, the details of the aftermath of Earthlink‘s massive public bedshitting have been revealed. Here’s what’s going down in short form:
· Current Earthlink Wifi customers in Philly will, um, enjoy a thirty-day transition period through June 12, 2008. Then the system is kaput.
· While all along, Earthlink had been saying that they’d leave the network in tact to either the City or a non-profit willing to take it all over, since no actual agreement has been reached, that ship has sailed: “Since we have exhausted our efforts to find a new owner of the network, our only responsible alternative now is to remove our network at our cost and assist our Wi-Fi customers with alternative ways to access the Internet.” That’s right, they’re pulling it all down. Every last node. Wireless Philadelphia, where in the sam hill are you during all this?
· And lastly, the paperwork: “EarthLink has also filed today a proceeding in federal court seeking a declaration that EarthLink may remove its equipment from the City’s street lights and that EarthLink’s total potential liability may not exceed $1 million.
On behalf of this entire city: Earthlink, fuck you. You suck.
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