This Evening: Your New Favorite Band

>>> For the love of all that is right and holy in music GO SEE PUBLIC RECORD. Whereas so many indie bands are dividers, cordoning music off into precious little microniches, Public Record stand out to us as kind of representing everything that’s great about music. Multi-gender, multi-race, and pulling from as diverse a pool of influences as Orange Juice and afrobeat. Live, they are revelation in grooves, and anyone can get into them: drum circle nerds, indie kids, boomers, old timers, whoever. The band operates on that greatest, most general music level, and it’s just as evident on their new record, which came out yesterday and which you can listen to in its entirety above. They play Johnny Brenda’s tonight with Mahogany, Arc In Round, and Ravens And Vultures, all of whom are plenty worthy in their own respective rites. Seriously, we do not pull this card often, but trust us: Public Record are your new favorite band, and the best thing is, you don’t even know it yet.

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    man, y’alls really love orange juice.

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