Letter From Backstage: The Roots At The Colbert Report

From our pal Alexis Rosenzweig:

Stephen Colbert is super involved with every aspect of the taping of the show, and he loved The Roots! especially since they mimicked the bird calls in the opening sequence during rehearsal. He also loved Dice Raw‘s outfit, dressed all in white, he was wearing preppy golf style attire and loafers. Dice got the thumbs up on outfit approval from Stephen in the hallway.

The Jimi Hendrix-style “Star Spangled Banner” was well planned, Gibson sponsored Captain Kirk‘s guitar that he smashed on stage, they gave him something hollow so it would more effectively smash into pieces. Unfortunately for Owen, his bass smashing didnt go so well.

The crowd went crazy at the end of the song and there was a standing ovation.

The Roots also played the Colbert Report intro. Colbert is definitely a rocker and from what one of his production team members said to me backstage, there may be more musical guests on The Colbert Report after this run in Philly, the staff is encouraging him…

After a few hours of rehearsal we all ate at the craft service table along with the secret service and Ben Franklin who was rehearsing his script with me that was handed to him 2 minutes prior.

The Colbert staff was really friendly and everyone had a great time. Stephen said if he could be any Lord of The Rings character, he would be Aragorn, apparently when he was running for president, Viggo Mortensen called him up and offered him his sword.


Video clips of The Roots perfoming the Colbert theme and “The Star Spangled Banner” — plus a slideshow of Alexis’ backstage pics — after the jump.

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