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bighands Attention Philadelphia: Your Aunt Peggy and Uncle Pete’s Memorial Day just got a helluva lot hipper. How so? The lineup for this year’s Jam On The River features none other than The Flaming Lips, RJD2, and Josh Ritter in a single day, dumping most of the usual crap (HEL-LO Disco Biscuits!) into day two, with the exception of those likable Avett Brothers. So much indie cred (remember that term?) could just be enough to make you forget it’s an outdoor mega-concert on Penn’s Landing sponsored by that nutty rum pirate. And when the archetypal beach ball is replaced by this, we’ll excuse you for wearing a grin from ear to ear. Just don’t try explaining any of it to your family.
Jam On The River: Rum, Sun, And Hot Indie Jams

  • mikedee

    This is funny because all the crap is in day 1?

    indie cred? you must reach pitchfork, huh? you’re freaking hip.

  • zukusaki

    You know how I know your opinion is dogshit? You like the Flaming Lips and diss the Disco Biscuits.

    Isn’t this a Philadelphia blog? Show some respect for Philly-born acts.

    That’s fine that you enjoy a visual show with animal costumes and large inflatable balloons…but most of us come for the music. Anyone who has any taste knows that the Lips are a studio band. The Biscuits are a live band.

    They’ve also been playing the Jam for years, so show some respect…hop on your fixed gear, go back to your Fishtown loft, put on your pants that are 2 sizes too small and your ironic retro t-shirt, and log-on to pitchfork media to cry some more.


  • http://bostodelphia.blogspot.com C. The Impaler

    Man, Philebs gets it from pitchfork haters AND pitchfork … blog without a country. Damn.

  • PaulSmack

    credibility gone…

  • The Management

    Hell hath no fury like a Disco Biscuits fan scorned.

  • PaulSmack



  • zukusaki


  • PaulSmack


  • mikedee

    Look at me!!

    I’ve got a hand!

    HEL – LO!!!

    Like we should be at Woody’s now!

  • indie_cred

    waaaa! you bosco fans sound so pathetic. just because some douche on a shitty blog ripped your precious band that hasn’t been good in 5 years, you get your panties in a bunch. quit being so selfish. the disco biscuits only appeal to a small, drug-addled minority. god forbid they’d try to diversity the lineup, even though the flaming lips and RjD2 are somewhat tired acts.

  • MikeC

    “Look at me!!

    I’ve got a hand!

    HEL – LO!!!

    Like we should be at Woody’s now!”

    What does this mean?

  • dulouz

    Theres not a more mindless and dead music genre than that of the jam kind.

    I’d rather do w/out.

  • zukusaki

    What you are forgetting is that Jam on the River was a blues fest, then a jamband fest.

    I mean…you’re insulting a jamband fest for having jambands?

    Look at acts for the past 10 years…and tell me it’s *not* a jamband festival.

  • PaulSmack

    “Theres not a more mindless and dead music genre than that of the jam kind. ”

    So we should only listen to things that someone else says is good and currently popular? Not something that you have a personal connection with?

  • mikedee

    “”Theres not a more mindless and dead music genre than that of the jam kind.””

    it’s more than just the music my friend. Every time I go to hang out with my friends, this band shows up.

  • marley5028

    You sir are an asshat.

  • Mastah Blastah

    “Hell Hath no fury as an (ungracefully) aging Rock Nerd defending their street cred against the Evil Jamband Empire ~~~~~~~ I saw the Lips w/ Sonic Youth and Ween up in Syracuse last Summer —– Great Time at the ‘ol State Fair under the stars —-

    Kick at the darkness all ya want you pasty Tools — It’ll never bleed daylight.