Where In The World Is Dorothy Krysiuk’s Wedding Ring?

dotasmarge The perennial nice girl in this town’s nonstop low-blow battle between newscasts, traffic reporter Dorothy Krysiuk is beloved for being pretty much the anti-Alycia Lane. Seriously: The craziest she seems to get at a party is dressing as a cartoon matriarch. That placid persona makes her a rarity in gossip columns, but as Dan Gross observes, her recent lack of a wedding band has some viewers wondering about the fate of her two-and-a-half-year marriage to sales dude Anthony Marasa. She responded by calling her private life just that, but it’s kinda got us wondering: What’s up Dot?
Dan Gross: No Ring, No Thing?
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One Response to “Where In The World Is Dorothy Krysiuk’s Wedding Ring?”

  1. lord_whimsy Says:

    Things to do today:

    Wax moustache
    Check hair
    Pick up best suit from cleaners
    Stuff sock in drawers
    Buy some Binaca breath spray
    Review list of bons mots
    Pick up the bouquet order from the florist
    Time “chance meeting” perfectly
    Entrench myself into the life of The Woman of My Dreams like a velvety tick

    This, my friends, is a good day. A damn good day.

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