Boring New Plotline On The Wire Eerily Similar To Boring Old Plotline At The Inquirer

the wireIf you tuned in to last night’s season premiere of HBO’s The Wire, you may have noticed how a focus of this, the show’s fifth and final season, seems to be how Baltimore’s drug wars play out in the media — specifically at The Baltimore Sun. Part of the fun of watching the show has always been noting the many similarities (many of which are awful) between B-more and Philly’s respective thug lives and corruption so embedded into a crippled system; media wonks can now add to those show-n-tell’s the eerie similarities between the TV version of the Sun and our own Inquirer. Philebs had the pleasure of watching the season to premiere last night with two Inky employees, both of whom were struck by how much like their own “smoking dock” the faux Sun one was, as well as the newsroom’s layout and working environment. We all agreed that the journo dialogue — heavy-handed and not a bit light on industry speak — was nearly unbearable. (Also noted on Heaven And Here, the blog about The Wire done by some friends of ours.) Not least among the echoes, though, was the post-layoffs scene in which the editor opined about the challenges of “doing less with more.” Yes, it does sound familiar. Oh, and for those of you wondering where ex-Sun editor/now-Inky ed Bill Marimow was in all of this: They named an asshole cop after him last season.
The Wire: Episode 51, “More With Less”

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  1. ginnyj Says:

    If you watch the Wire “Odyssey” (available on demand, you’ll see that they even used stock footage of Philadelphia’s skyline to represent Baltimore. Even funnier, it’s used as a writer (actor? can’t remember) explains that “Baltimore” is the true star of the show.

  2. mchenrythemovie Says:

    I *thought* that was our skyline. I even rewound it to look. And then thought, hmmm, maybe Baltimore has buildings like our Charley Brown-shirt zigzag center city buildings?…

  3. bjorn lewsir Says:

    Boring New Blog Philebrity Eerily Similar to Boring Old Blog Gawker.

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