Ask The Gays: Do Y’All’s People Hate Alycia Like She Apparently Hates You?

laneOK, so we’re almost almost through with our marathon of Alycia Lane coverage that we started up in a fit of pique yesterday, and today we turn our heads to the true victims of this affair: The Gays. One of the most baffling parts of this all, as we mentioned yesterday, was Lane’s go-to insult of choice when confronted by a female NYC police officer: “dyke.” While most would agree that the slur was banal and weak, giving away much more about the (most likely up-until-now carefully hidden) provincial attitudes of the CBS3 anchor than anything else, it was a slur nonetheless. And that’s not cool. After the jump, we chat with Palaré host/resident gay/ex-Philebrity housemate Brian Wiginton about how LaneGate is going over in Gaysville. His thoughts may surprise you!

Let’s start at the beginning: Was Alycia even that much on the gaydar previous to 48 hours ago?

Sort of. I knew she sent the titty pics to that NFL guy. Wasn’t that her?

Yes. I guess what I’m getting at is, it would seem to me that local TV news personalities — esp. those that Philly has, who are sort of uniformly, laughably cookie cutter — would seem to be basically beneath gay icon/camp idol status, unless they were crazy freaks.

It’s true. I nor anyone in my circle have spoken of her over drinks or otherwise. She was a non-entity until she played the school yard gay slur card up in NYC.

And now what?

It’s mostly been “Have you heard about Alycia Lane?” and then a “Yeah – where are we going for happy hour?”

OK, so her nasty rote epithet-throwing hasn’t even registered?

Well I mean not really. She’s clearly classless, right? Who’s surprised? I mean if she weren’t moderately recognizeable in public, she’d be walking out of Tir Na Nog doing the same thing and nobody would know. It’s not that interesting, honestly. My view is, if you’re going to be beligerent enough to punch a cop [allegedly], does it matter if she called her a dyke vs. a bitch vs. a cunt etc?

Fair enough, but I gotta say, the fact that “fucking dyke” was her go-to insult really painted more of a picture than I think anyone wanted to see. And because it’s 2007, I personally would LOVE to see The Gays drag her through the mud. It would feel like an hilarious victory over every stupid sororiwhore who ever smited you, as a people.

That’s fair. She went to “fucking dyke” not because she thinks female cops are dykey but because she figured that was the most insulting term she could use – just like when guys call each other “fag.” And I’m sure the PGN will make a statement about it, since Philly is gay gay gay. Maybe even the HRC or GLAAD will release something. And if that contributes to the demise of that dizzy trollop, I’ll buy a round for everyone to toast her exit.

Now THAT is the motherfucking Christmas spirit, my man. Now here’s the flip: Somebody in the comments mentioned that on the other hand, she could actually develop an Ann-Coulter-ish following amongs The Gays.

Who said that, Creed?

Actually, no, but I can see where you might get that idea.

If someone works hard enough, yeah, a following to that effect could be engineered, but here’s the rub: She’s BORING!
If she becomes high camp, I’m turning in my membership card and moving to Havertown to start making babies. It doesn’t take any kind of wit to call a policewoman a dyke – lesbians know this much. If Alycia ever strolls past Sisters around closing time, she might get her Photoshopped face (thank god for the clone stamp tool) smushed in a puddle of muck, but otherwise, this gets an eyeroll. A very disappointed eyeroll, but still. There are still plenty of things for the power gays to spend time reacting to, but I just don’t think this – ass-faced a move as it was – is it.

Well said, my friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still kick her in the twat if I saw her on the street.


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4 Responses to “Ask The Gays: Do Y’All’s People Hate Alycia Like She Apparently Hates You?”

  1. fuckermost Says:

    i don’t mean to criticize, but shouldn’t these questions have been posed to a gay woman and not a gay man?

  2. Phidget Says:

    Agreed. Expert should have been a lesbian.

  3. gr Says:

    Philebrity’s gotta work with what they’ve got, folks…

  4. Sugar Town Says:

    Time to bring back Jenelle!

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