Fun With Photo Sharing: Center City ID Thief, Like, Totally Loved To Post Travel Photos

budapestIn an otherwise kinda sleepy holiday news season, brace yourself as the media warms up to a story that we’re betting is going to keep your TV screen flush with Penn assholes right up through New Year’s. And no, we’re not talking about all of those Johnny-come-lately Facebook puff pieces. No, we’re talking about alleged ID thieves Jocelyn Kirsch and Edward K. Anderton, whom the Daily News dubbed the “Bonnie and Clyde of ID fraud.” (We’re thinking that’s kind of clumsy and the “Joey Coyles of Facebook” has a nicer ring to it, but whatever.) Much has been made of the pair’s lavish lifestyle living at the Belgravia House at 18th and Chestnut — opulently close to CVS, doncha know — but we know what you really want: pictures of them living the high life. Maybe we can help: A reader who used to work with Kirsch — who, for the record, went to Drexel, sorry — directed us to her Webshots page, which finds our “Bonnie” in such exotic locales as Turkey, Hungary and, er, Seattle and the TKE formal. That’s right, Tau Kappa Epsilon. What can we say? The girl has class.
Webshots: Jocelyn Sarah

6 Responses to “Fun With Photo Sharing: Center City ID Thief, Like, Totally Loved To Post Travel Photos”

  1. shawnkilroy Says:

    picnic below the mountain where i conjured bambi through telepathy is my favorite…
    that and her mugshot…HOTT!!!

  2. sluggerB Says:

    Ikea? Ah the taste of the nouveau faux riche.

  3. Phabulous Says:

    And who are the Hungarian hotties???

  4. mappy Says:

    She’s not Penn. She’s Drexel.

  5. Blackmail Says:

    @ sluggerB: you just missed out on ‘noufaux riche.’

  6. stevejeltz Says:

    Looks like she was planning a trip to Peru — just last week.

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