All I Want For Christmas Is An Eco-Savvy $100K House In The Kenz

roof viewMany folks are skeptical that it can be done at all, but if local developers Postgreen get the brass ring they’re going for, they just may change the face of Philly development. As we speak, development is underway for two $100K houses in Kensington. They’re two-bedrooms, with a small yard, roof space and seemingly fairly spacious; they’ll also be LEED-certified and targeted to sell in the $200-$250K range. There’s not a lot to report yet — other than a bank just turned them down for a loan because they simply didn’t think a house could be built in Philadelphia for $100K — but to be sure, we’re keeping our eyes on this one.
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  1. Chad Says:

    Thanks for the mention guys. We are currently talking to three new banks that are interested in the project and hope to break ground in the March/April time frame of 2008.

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