City To Boy Scouts: Admit You Love Dick, Pay $200K Or Get Out By Dec. 3

gayscoutsVia our friends at the Philadelphia Gay News:

PGN has obtained a copy of the official letter from the City of Philadelphia which gives notification and a deadline of Dec. 3, 2007, for The Boy Scouts to notify the City that it either wishes to rent the city-owned property it occupies at fair market value, ($200,000/year) or that the Boy Scouts will vacate the building.

The letter states, “For nearly four years, the City has endeavored in good faith to reach an agreement with the council (Boy Scouts) by which the Council would renounce its discriminatory policy against openly gay youth and adults and consequently could legally remain a tenant of the City. Regretfully, the Council has repeatedly stated that it cannot change its policy … The City has satisfied all legal conditions for giving notice to the Council to vacate the property.”

Full story and reaction in this Friday’s PGN.

Boo-yah, bitches. And not for nothing, Boy Scouts: Definitely some of you are gay, gay, gay. You’ve seen how well the duck-and-cover went for the Catholics, so now that your rep, money game and karma is up on the line, might not now be the time to ‘fess? No? You’re gonna go with the whole “OUR GAYNESS DOES NOT EXIST” line? Really? OK. Let us know how that works out for you.
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