For Sale: A Modest Yet Comfortable Place For Your Shoes

iversonSeller: Allen “A.I.” Iverson
Address: Chateau Lane, Villanova, PA; Right down the street from Mansion on the Lake Lane. Convenient access to East Egg.
Asking Price:$6,300,000— roughly one-third of Mr. Iverson’s yearly salary.
Size: 14,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, master closet accomodating 500 pairs of shoes.
Details: Beautiful Main Line home nestled on 3.5 acres near the Blue Line. Mr. Iverson is selling the estate since leaving for the Denver Nuggets. His most recent home purchase is currently falling apart at the seams, a $2.2 million investment failure that one can only chalk up to the curse of Billy Penn until he sells his old joint.

The Real Estalker: Never Mind The Shoes, We’re Just Impressed You Could Write 1,000 Words About This

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